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  1. So Santa did me a big one on this and delivered a spanking C125 logger for the build. So maybe in a months time ill be looking to set this up. Keep you posted
  2. Hey Adam, ok so a C125 will talk no troubles. Ok, so an MXP or a C125, I'll need to talk to Santa. And thanks
  3. I'm back and since the green car was totaled at Philip Island earlier in the year the Link ECU has been sitting in a box. Re-shelling at moment and thinking about a new dash and the first and easiest choice is a AIM / LINK MXS or MXP running off the canbus but my other Mini runs Motec ECu with a C125 dash, so wondering if a C125 can receive info from the Iink via Canbus like the AIMs? Cheers
  4. Mini34

    Mini Cooper R53 PnP

    PWM for electric water pump. Ok, thinking of changing the electric water pump from an ON all the time to a PWM set up so I can control water temp with a solid state relay, rather an taping the front of the car off. Rather than wiring in something new I was thinking of utilising some of the obsolete OEM wiring and relays with the ECU i.e. air conditioning clutch control. I have seen SSR direct replacements for standard relays and was thinking of putting on of these in the fuse box for the air con clutch , finding the wiring that use to go to the air con compress and wire into my water pump. Logical, feasible? Cheers
  5. Hey Adam Yep, I used that little search engine and think I got what you wanted initially. I will email to you??? If you need more, I will do the add all as you suggested.
  6. Hey Adam Ok, I do not see all your requested items to log under E-Throttle 1 I have the following listed under E-Throttle 1 (Thorttle Postion Sensor E Throttle Target 1 E- Throttle 1 Motor DC E-Throttle 1 ISC Offset E-Throttle 1 Base Target E-Throttle 1 Active Table E-Throttle ISC CL Trim Gear Shift Throttle Target Should I be looking somewhere else for you logging paramaters?
  7. Ok, I will try to do this later this afternoon. After this I will try to do a week session at the track, maybe tomorrow or Friday so we can try t nut it out during business hours.
  8. For the logging have it on set up and when finished put in back to On?
  9. Do i need the E-throttle ON set up mode - on or ON?
  10. Thanks Adam, funny as it hasnt shown this problem for mkst the year if a set up Just been on the dyno and obviously didnt see anything there and can drive in car park but the moment i set tyres on the track BAMMMM limp mode lol I can run the car in the workshop and even run in gear on stands for logs if you like Ill look at it tomorrow Cheers
  11. Wasted a day at the track with constant TPS fault 75 Tried to calibrate, didnt make any difference Tried to simulate in the car park but could get it to fault, so murphys law it happens within 200 metre of going on track No full throttle at by this stage on track, more like a constant 25% with light application with cold slicks. I had this ince before at sandown but it ssems to clear itself eventually, plus i could reset without PC. Power off - on but not this time Any ideas? Thinking of changing tnrottle body but wanted to confirm this fault is totally related to throttle bodyy blade and sensors within? Cheers
  12. Hi Adam Ok, cant leave DI7 sitting all lonesome. I will use that. Cheers
  13. Thanks Adam Would any of the other spare old sensor wires work also i.e. either of the old narrow band 02 sensors, fuel vapor purge valve ETC. Either way I have the expansion cable as the fall back. Cheers.
  14. Just putting a new fuel system in and this will include a FlexFuel Sensor, so presuming this will require a digital input on the expansion cable? Yes
  15. Found the problem and it was a vacuum leak. A BIG Vacuum Leak!!!!! Some large cracks and pieces missing from a near new intercooler will do that. Thanks for you help.
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