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  1. Mxredbaron

    Input troubles

    Hi Scott , Thank you for your help I've got it all working now. Cheers!
  2. Mxredbaron

    Input troubles

    Hence, why I have Ethanol content connected to a digital Channel. so that means I can't use it due to the gauge only outputting analog. wow,what a big waste of money that was. Lambada is AN Volt 5 as I mentioned and it's not working.
  3. Mxredbaron

    Input troubles

    Hello,I'm trying to incorporate the analog and digital inputs to my VLLink ECU from my innovate ECF-1: (FUEL) Ethanol Content & Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge, And I'm not having much luck.Ethanol content sensor is wired to Di 5 I have it displayed as a digital gauge it read's ''active'' for 1 second then shows ''off'' - so it's getting a signal of some kind but it's not functioning. Lambada 1 is on an Volt 5 - displayed as a digital gauge shows 0.100 only changes for 1 second 0.600/0.588 when I change the fuel type on the Innovate gauge (e85 to methanol,gasoline or diesel) then goes back to 0.100 Fuel temp is on an Temp 3 - 18.5°C shows on the gauge ECU displays 54 °C none of the other sensor options give me the same reading as the gauge .I must be missing something. I'm using an expansion connector. It all works on the gauge itself I have tested the wires coming from the Gauge and all the connections at the expansion connector all give readings. all wires are in the right place. Thanks for reading!
  4. I'm not understanding the term "wired in" to me that implies getting out tools and running lengths of cable ,soldering connections ect. As that's what I've been assuming needs to be done since told the ecu only works with low impedance injectors. again implying I had to use an alternate method to drive them. In fact I haven't even had my engine run more then a minute because of it. Now I'm lead to believe that its infact not the case. Simply confused and thankful that you have patience for situations such as this.
  5. thanks scott As mentioned in previouly I have high impedance injectors. Is this the cord I'll need to use to run them? Also I have a innovate ecf-1 with wideband ,flex fuel & fuel prespressure sensor what loom will I need to integrate all of that into my ECU? Tom
  6. Where can I buy the male connectors for the plugs on the board (pictured) ?
  7. Hi Scott! Yes that was me,thanks again for getting back to me! And for your help of course cheers man.
  8. I have Bosch ev14 high Independence 1000cc injectors currently installed on my RB30 SOHC. I brought them before i got the VLLink plug & play ecu and I've now noticed that the ecu only works with low Independence injectors. Can i run the High Independence injectors without issues, Or is it better to sell off my brand new high Independence set & perches Low Independence injectors Any information is regarded as helpful.
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