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  1. Hi I have an Evo 8 260 and i have tried lots of setups to get my cooling fans working correctly on my plugin G4 there must be someone out there that has had the same issue fans stay on all the time. Also I cant seem to get my power steering idle up working in the help it says you need to setup a power steering pump as a digital input but I have no space!! Please guys please help as driving me mad!! Thanks Paul
  2. Thanks Scott will give it a go
  3. Hi I have an Evo 8 260 but the evo V!!-VIII base map doesnt control my cooling fans as they stay on all the time some people say that I need to set them up as a PWM but tried both with no luck. Fan controller works fine as with std ecu its fine. Please can someone help as driving me mental!!. Thanks guys Paul
  4. Yes thats the correct model will give those settings a try. thanks Paul
  5. Hi guys im trying to get my AEM wideband to give me accurate readings when pc loggin cruise is good but reads rich on boost. settings at the mo Input v a 0.70v Input v b 4.97v Output v a 9.40afr Output v b 19.50afr under cal 4
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