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  1. I have just done with it Thank you all link team I will buzz if need to ask anything Thanks again
  2. gp voltage means gp input ? Just attached a thmbnail
  3. how do i check the voltage for afr ? the wideband unit is grounded to chasis .. should i ground it from engine block as the ecu ? is that u meant?
  4. sorry @Simon i just checked my wideband model it is not 30-4110 .. it is ( 30-4100) DO you think setting will be change so that it will work fine ?
  5. For example? How do i measure the actual voltage ?
  6. alrite it just started working but still calibration issue seems incorrect but i m closed to it just attached the image it is showing afr on my wideband 12.4 but on lambda guage its showing 9.26 please help further.
  7. yes the same wideband i have i didnt understand the point a & b did u mean the anv5 error low and error high ? Just attached a refrence pic what and where i did ....
  8. I am still unable to connect my aem wideband with my link g4+ please help me to configure it properly ....
  9. Wired up my wideband to analog input 5 and yes that was yellow wired activated it from pc link it is asking for values it is aem uego
  10. hello to all Link management members i am just new to link so i am going to bother you little i recently bought link G4 plugin for my 3sgte st205 with extension loom installed the ecu and started the vehicle just need to ask where can i connect extension loom wires ? 1st i have aem uego wideband iam trying to connect it with my link ecu i connected it on volt 7 pin is that fine ? but i m unable to activate it in link software.. 2nd i want to activate antilag for that purpose i would need a switch in clutch for flat shifting ? if yes then which wire will connect to the switch as there should
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