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  1. Thanks adam, O.k so what if it's not? At idle i need to have the car running at like 12 afr for it to run properly. What is the best solution for this? I was thinking of lowering my fuel pressure to 30 psi instead of the current ~40psi. This would bring the injectors down to like 1000cc instead of 1200cc would this help? Regards,
  2. Hi I just installed 1200cc injectors I had 850cc injectors before. I changed my master fuel to 8ms it was 9ms before. The minimum pulse width for the new injectors is 1.8ms and I think this is causing a lean condition when at cruise because the actual pulse width is falling below the 1.8ms. My questions is how do I set a minimum pulse width in link g4? I see forum posts about how to set it with a g4+ but i can't find anything about the g4. Can anyone help me out please? Not sure how to get the injector pulse width to never fall below 1.8ms Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. Hey just looking to see if any experienced tuner would be willing to help my e-tune my subaru I have a pclink g4. I am running 25 PSI right now and looking to push it a little more but I would like the help of someone that knows the platform. Ej20T Built with headers 850 cc injectors aquamist meth injection The car is basically tuned but I am just looking for help/advice on the tune. I am willing to pay message me.
  4. Hi there I have 96 JDM 2L Subaru engine that I am trying to tune. Was wondering if anyone could give me a hand with my ignition map. I’ve tuned cars before but I don’t feel comfortable playing with the ignition map on this car cause I don’t have a knock sensor. So I was wondering if anyone with a similar setup as me could help setup a slightly conservative ignition map for my setup. I have a GTX 3582 turbo on a EJ20 with 850 cc injectors. My fuel table is pretty good I just need help with the ignition table. I’m willing to pay for someones time as well just let me know. Attached is a image of what I am running now.
  5. Thanks Scott I really appreciate it.
  6. Not a single response yet .. Come on guys someone has gotta do remote tunning here??
  7. Just activate the multiple boost tables and use a DI to activate the second table under table activation. For example the AC switch. This post basically explains it but for the anti lag. You can use the same DI to activate multiple tables BTW.
  8. I should also add that no one uses these ecu's around here so this is why I am reaching out here... I have no idea where to go to get my car tuned there is one place kind of near me I won't mention but I don't want to go there for my own reasons. The car is running it has a wideband i can send logs etc it's boosting at 15 psi (spring pressure) which is fine for me. I just need someone to tune the fuel and timing so the car runs and turbo spools like it's been tuned by someone who knows the platform.
  9. Hey guys guys installed a gtx35r in my subbie I have tried to learn as much as I can with this software hoping I could tune my car myself unfortunately after learning a ton I am throwing in the towel. There is just too much for me to learn to try and mess with something like this. I would feel comfortable playing with a base map that was based off my setup. But I don't feel comfortable basically making a map from scratch. I know I can use the stock one for a base but it seems a long way from the setup I am running. So I am looking for someone that can help tune or e-tune my car. Willing to pay I just want someone that knows exactly what they are doing. Feel free to pm me here. Thanks! I guess I should add it's a ej20k with a gtx3582 working with 94 octane pump gas.
  10. sh4d0w

    Quick Tune Maths

    Hey guys quick question. I'm looking for information on tuning without quick tune. My question is what maths does quick tune use adjust the injector pulse width. I would like to tune without quick tune. For example I want to take a 4th gear WOT log and adjust the injector pulse width according to my fuel targets based off what I see is actually happening in the log. I have a wide band and everything else I need to do what I need to do I just don't know the maths. Thanks!
  11. I see can you link me this expansion wire so I can order it from somewhere that sells it please. Thanks!
  12. Thanks Scott that helped. I'm looking at the pinouts now and I'm trying to find the one for Expansion 2 (+5V Out) It's under other connections and they don't have any pin numbers assigned to them. What am I missing here? I just bought a 4 bar map I'm trying to install it but I need a 5V output from the ECU.
  13. sh4d0w

    lc1 or lc2

    Thanks Scott your last post actually helped me out after i finally figured out what you were actually saying. It's taking a bit to wrap my head around the link g4 software but I'm getting there!
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