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  1. Serkan

    Problem with random E Throttle fault code 76

    Just to follow up on the other car which showed better consistency between main and sub signals, I took an ecu log of the problem showing up.. seems very strange .. Everything looks just fine and then suddenly the sub value shoots up
  2. Serkan

    Problem with random E Throttle fault code 76

    Yes and the interesting thing is that the logs are from 2 different cars with identical TB's. Thats why I'm thinking it may be the nature of this TB? When I go through both of the logs, I see the same drift between the main and sub randomly scattered here and there, just not enough to trigger an error, but once in a while its just too much.
  3. Serkan

    Problem with random E Throttle fault code 76

    This is the exact throttle body I'm using on both cars. The 5V and 0V are shared between the two TPS's so does this that the difference between the signals is completely to do with the internals of the throttle body? Also since this throttle body is listed in the help file, I'm assuming that it's been tried and tested?
  4. Serkan

    Problem with random E Throttle fault code 76

    Also I wanted to link my previous topic. I was dealing with the same issue actually thought that fault 76 was a result of fault 73 however it was the other way round, because of the tracking error the ecu was shutting down the supply hence fault code 73.. just noticed that I've been dealing with this for more than 1 year
  5. Hi, I have tested 2 different cars with 2 different TTlink plug in ECU's with identical Hemi 80mm throttle bodies. 95% of the time there is no problem at all but sometimes both of them randomly go into limp mode with fault codes 76 and 73. Upon inspecting the logs, I have seen that once in a while there are slight differences between the TPS 1 and TPS 2 readings and I think that these differences are randomly triggering limp mode. Is there any way to change the tolerance of the difference between the TPS readings? Because I initially thought that there is a problem with the throttle body or wiring but having both cars with the same throttle body doing exactly the same thing confused me. Log files of different cars and map file are attached. Thank you in advance for any help. c Log 2018-04-6 5;03;49 pm.llg Log 2018-04-6 1;00;26 pm.llg c 8 4 18 v3.pclr
  6. Serkan

    Strange problem with aux9/10 supply TTlink

    Hi, just wanted to share an update on this matter, before contacting tech, I just thought I'd inspect the wiring loom, and I found that a piece of wire (from pin 117 ethrottle motor +) about the thickness of a hair was sticking out through the insulation. I'm guessing that this thin wire was touching somewhere and probably grounding the throttle motor. I fixed and isolated the wire, been driving it for the last few days, everything seems to be okay now. No fault codes at the moment but I'm thinking if I should be worried about the hardware block 2 error that I was getting when I had the problem. Could it have done any damage to the ecu?
  7. Serkan

    Strange problem with aux9/10 supply TTlink

    Thank you very much for the reply, will contact tech support ASAP.
  8. Hello, I have been trying to solve a very weird problem for the last month or so but unfortunately haven't been able to find a solution. I have installed a TTlink plugin, and 95% of the time the car is running great with no issues. However, once i a while the e-throttle suddenly goes into safe mode and I get aux9/10 supply fault. More often I get it at first start in the morning but it also suddenly happens while driving too. Also couldn't find anything weird in the logs. Voltage steady around 14v, have checked all wiring, changed battery (higher cranking amps), also strange thing is that I can't replicate the fault, happens completely randomly. Today it happened while I was looking at the runtime values / ecu status tab and noticed that all of a sudden aux 9/10 supply went to 0v while internal 12v was still reading 12v, and Hardware Block 2 went red with an error for about 10 secs and then turned green again while aux 9/10 supply was still 0.. switched the ecu off then on again, started the car, everything perfect again... would really appreciate a help with what to look out for. Thank you very much.
  9. Serkan

    Latched Launch RPM Mode / Launch Control

    Yes the ability to switch between two launch modes, or even have them both available at the same time would be great, one from any of the standing start modes, and the other for rolling starts, should we write it in the wish list section?
  10. Thank you very much Simon, greatly appreciated.
  11. Hello, I was really used to using the fuel and ignition tables and graph views with the "reverse load axis" option ticked, however in the latest update, the graph view cannot be reversed even if the option is ticked. Only the table view is affected. Also just noticed that toggling between fuel and ignition tables with the F and I keys does not toggle the graph view in the tuning page of the default layout. Just wanted to bring these issues to your attention, sorry if I've written i the wrong place or if there is a workaround that I was unable to notice. Thank you, Serkan