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  1. adam your map is working good vvt is stable. this the log. m16a vtc good.llg
  2. thanks adam will try it by tomorrow
  3. here is another log with cam angle 481 suzuki vtc2.llg
  4. if i use cam angle 92 error counter keep increasing. if i use 481 it shows no error. but both value cannot have a stable vvt position.
  5. i have a problem with erratic vvt position when vvt is activated causing the car to jerk as the cam actually changes position randomly. engine is suzuki swift sport m16a vvt running with trigger mode "Suzuki Swift V2 VTC" attached is the log file suzuki vtc.llg
  6. oh so its fixed. i will upgrade to latest firmware.
  7. There is a problem with monsoon DI2 to DI4 pullup resistor setting turn itself off after engine restart or ecu is turn on and off. I believe this is a firmware issue.
  8. i installed an atom to 4age 20v blacktop as follow: trigger 1 - NE trigger 2 - G1 ground out - G- i cannot get an rpm reading in runtime value. trigger 1 error counter increasing every time i crank the engine. this is the trigger setting i used. trigger mode: multi tooth trigger 1 tooth count: 24 trigger 2 sync mode: cam pulse 1x trigger offsetL: 0
  9. for the 20v trigger 2 do you use G1 or G2?
  10. i need a trigger setting for this model. before you ask, no, subaru quad avcs and suzuki vtc doesn't work. attached are trigger scope for this engine.
  11. the car doesnt not have a an controller build in. i am using storm to control the AC directly. it doesnt not have a pressure sensor on the ac line. how do i disable the high/low AC pressure lockup?
  12. ericsiewkk

    exit decay rate?

    how does exit decay rate affect launch control turning "off" time in advance mode? higher or lower value for quicker turn off time? sometimes i have a problem of launch control not turning off when it should have be, like the car already started moving forward it is still stuck in launch mode.
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