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  1. k3vet use 36-2. use 2nz vvti trigger. trigger offset 144 u need to cut N1- to the stock ecu.
  2. adamw, i tested firmware 5.6.5 and stepper reset is working correctly now. ecu hold power is also working correctly. i made 2 logs with engine running and not running. with engine running stepper reset step isn't smooth but it is definitely better than firmware 5.6.6. 5.6.5 engine not running.llg 5.6.5 engine running.llg
  3. adamw, i made 4 log files with idle valves disconnected and connected and while turning the engine on or off. i found that without starting the engine, stepper reset works normal with the valve connected and disconnected. turning the engine on and off makes the behavior becomes random. idle valve disconnected engine running.llg idle valve disconnected engine not running.llg idle valve connected engine running.llg idle valve connected engine not running.llg
  4. will do. thanks adamw
  5. Mitsu uses frequency airflow. I would forget about using that and tune base on map.
  6. All the wiring is stock factory on this evo. Idle valve power supply is from main relay same source as ecu power. This behaviour happen randomly.
  7. This is a new install. Everything is working fine just that ecu hold power would be intermittent causing 2.5k idle when idle valve would not return to their position. Most of the time it is good. I dont think it is backfeeding as show in log file ecu hold power remains active. Ecu is holding the main relay ON. I will email you the tune file in a while.
  8. i have ecu hold power problem with storm black on evo7. ecu hold power is use for the evo7 idle function. when it is working fine idle rpm is good after engine restart. when it is not working ecu hold power remain active for more than 15sec, idle valve rattling sound for a long time, after engine restart rpm goes up to 2.5k as idle valve remains large opening. attached are logs for when it happens ecu hold power good.llg ecu hold power no good.llg
  9. I have a Storm black wired in to an evo7. the auxillary output isnt activating when i press the switch. i can see in runtime value input is working correctly but output is not activating. AUX ignition 7 - IC spray relay DI 7 - IC Spray input from evo7 ic spray manual button i tested with rpm lockout 0 when idling. press button aux output not working please help
  10. pry with screwdriver. no way to remove it the polite way
  11. adam your map is working good vvt is stable. this the log. m16a vtc good.llg
  12. thanks adam will try it by tomorrow
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