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  1. I connected IGN 2, 3 and 4 as signal source and same outcome. I connected another brand new ATOM and ended up with the same outcome : upon cranking and ignition of the engine, the tacho goes dead. Firmware is of latest version. Is there another way (or method) of making the tacho work without connecting the OEM ECU? This car uses all standard accessories : A/C, engine fans, fuel pump, check engine light, etc. Do you require the ATOM mapping? Andrew.
  2. Hi all. I connected an ATOM as a piggy back to a Honda OEM EK9 ECU and the tachometer runs fine. Problem starts when I disconnect the OEM ECU tacho wire and the tacho operates for about 1 sec and goes dead. When this OEM wire is reconnected, the tacho is alive again. I then connected a Xtreme ECU to the engine (with all wiring) and the tacho runs fine with the OEM ECU fully disconnected. With the engine running (on ATOM), I measured the OEM tacho wire at 6.5VDC. Pls advice. Thanks.
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