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  1. MR2 700bhp


    Hi Simon Do you have a Dealer in the UK? that stocks accessories - CANDASH - cable or a CANF - connector. - to connect to a Dash 2, from a G4 extreme. Many thanks Jon Double quote.
  2. MR2 700bhp

    CAN lead

    Hi Scott, Many thanks for your reply. Can I not use a cable (CANDASH) ? How much are they?. including shipping to the UK? Do you have any stockists in the UK? Also, how do i order parts as i cannot add any products to my basket? Many thanks Jon
  3. MR2 700bhp

    CAN lead

    Hi I'm new here. I am after a CAN lead from the G4 extreme to a Dash 2 display. can someone point me in the right direction, please many thanks jon
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