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  1. I think about this feature too, almost all actuators have an inline feedback position, may be possible in future updates add one for Thunder ecu (with two throttle body driver hardware).
  2. dp_tech

    gm pressure sensor

    Hi, You can use fuel pressure sensor from VW/Audi , this is the bosch sensor, cheap (50 usd) and very precise. p/n #06E906051K Calibration: 0 bar - 0.5V 10 bar - 4.5V Pinout: 1 - Gnd 2 - Signal 3 - 5v
  3. This unit uses a MLX16201 "smart" relay controller, signal from ecu, 60 to 330 Hz with open collector low side drive, 0 to 50% duty is 0 to 100% pump duty.
  4. Hi Scott, I didn't find it changes in the new software release. Regards Pavlo
  5. Thanks for the great customer support! Best regards Pavlo
  6. Hi, It would be good to have an additional inputs, as the virtual aux, for the "Up/Down Shift Digital Input" in Gear Shift Control Settings. Thanks, Best regards. Pavlo
  7. dp_tech

    ECU Hold Power

    Hi all, Who knows, if I use the DBW throttle control, do I need to keeping hold power function for the Fury ecu? Regards Pavlo
  8. dp_tech

    12 tooth trigger disc

    The specs are simple, stock turbo, cams, exhaust & intake, etc.The trigger 36-1 is the better of course, but for the simple modification with 12 tooth I just need to replace the trigger disk only. If this improves the accuracy - why not, even on a stock turbo. Regards Pavlo
  9. Hi, I want to use the 12 tooth trigger disc for my Evo IX, instead of stock one (2 tooth). Is it to improve accuracy of the ignition timing at high rpm? Best regards Pavlo
  10. Hi Adam, Thank you for reply and good explanation! I have so far learning this ECU and for me is hard to say if the fixed knock windowing better than float, but I think the last one is much precise. Regards Pavlo
  11. Hi all, Can some to explain me, "knock windows" settings. In the manual says: "The engine position in degrees after the ignition event at which the knock window signal will start. e.g. If the current ignition timing is 15 degrees BTDC and the start point is set to 10 degrees, the window will become active at 15 - 10 = 5 degrees BTDC" but why the window will become active at 15 - 10 = 5 degrees BTDC? How I see this feature: The start window value this a start point in deg for window? Windows length - this is a total window line segment? e.g. I want to watching the knock within this "segment" 15 deg BTDC to 50 deg ATDC. For this example the settings should be like this: Window start at 15 deg, Window lengths at 50 deg, is it correct? Regards Pavlo
  12. dp_tech

    Fuel pump control

    Hi Scott, Thanks for your reply. I saw in the new software update was added open loop control for the fuel pump, what the carrier frequency of the modulation in this mode?
  13. Hi Guys, I am also want to use dashboard, I have plugin G4+ (evo 9). What you say about PLEX SDM-300 DASH DISPLAY (price is good)? According to the Plex SDM 300/500 manual (ECU Setup information) it is support data stream from i 44/i88 ecu, but not all, it's strange, because Link software allows to use custom CAN configuration. The question is, if I setup for example EGT and Ethanol % to the dash one is display this data stream?
  14. dp_tech

    Fuel pump control

    I want to use fuel pump controller from Audi RS4 p/n 8E0906071A(B) with Link G4+ (PlugIn Evo 9) to drive the Deatschwerks DW300 fuel pump. As I know the Audi RS4 engine control unit sends inappropriate PWM signal (frequency 20 Hz) to the fuel pump control unit. The control unit sends a PWM control signal (frequency 20 kHz) to the fuel pump, this info from car specific manual. So, if I set three stage PWM speed control option (80Hz 33/66/100% DC) and then set up FP Speed (Auxiliary Output) at 20 Hz (same like audi controller input signal), what the value shut be output from Link ECU 80Hz at 100% duty or 20Hz? May be someone has an experience with similar application or just use a simple control by resistor?
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