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  1. Well bridging 5V with signal I get 5V on my runtime values. On the other hand bridging 0V with signal I get 0V on my runtime values. Harness is 110 % correct. So officially the MAP Sensor is shot Sometimes it shows. But it's not trustworthy anymore.
  2. I am away for vacations Adam. Thank you for the support, every time its second to none . Will do as I get back.
  3. I tried to blow in the very first but nothing changed. Yesterday the voltage without doing nothing, just pc link open to see the voltage output it changed from 1.2 to 0.5 on its own. Even if the sensor gives me a good reading it will not be trust worthy anymore.
  4. Unfortunately I have measured 4.97 Volts. So the sensor is shot, correct?
  5. Car has not started for a while,4 months.Tried to do a MAP sensor calibration and i get a message saying MAP Sensor Calibration command failed: Current MAP <5kPa or > 5kPa of baro reading. The pin out is 100% correct as the car was working fine on February and when i hit F12 run time values i get 1.04 Volts. It's a GM 3Bar Sensor bought from DIY Autotune.10 months old.... Something isn't lining up.Any thoughts?
  6. Simon i am not refering to the shielded wire used for the knock sensor going to the ECU plug.I am refering to the 2 pin wire that conects the knock sensor with the amplifier. Knock Sensor Loom A and B as they are called in the following picture pins wire should be a shielded one per instructions.
  7. Hi there. I came across a unit which was for sale,without cables ,loom etc.It's new just a plain unit. 1)Can it be used as Knock Control Interface with i88 units or just as Knock Tuning Tool? I have a i88 unit and i was reading the maunal that it can be used with 2 possible methods,as a Knock Control Interface or Knock Tuning Tool. 2)In the first case the Vipec's internal knock control circuit is being dissabled and the Knock control is done by the amplifier? 3)Why does the pull-up resistor on the DI channel used must be disabled and the auxiliary channel providing the window must be set to active low? 4)Is there a spare main loom that i can purchase or a part number of the 6 pin connector used so as to fabricate one? 5)The wire used on the knock sensor has to be shielded as i read on the instructions.Should i end the shield to any of the 2 pins on the connector side? 6)Any part number for the knock sensor 2 way connector? 7)How would you describe Vipec Knock Amplifier compared to Link Knock Block in terms of tuning aid and ease of function?
  8. @cj Thank you very much for the answers and usefull questions. Please tell me how would you setup the calibration table depending the following image.Would you set 0.5volt as 0 psi and 4.5volt as 100psi?My error is that i have set 4.5 volt as 114.7 psi correct? Honeywell PX3 by Ηλίας Φυντανίδης, on Flickr I am using Siemens Deka 550cc fuel injectors.The dead times are the following 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 4.999 2.024 1.33 1.032 0.883 0.685 0.586 0.487 0.387 0.338 I will do the rest as suggested.By the way are you a tuner?Because i see you are always spot on..... Thank you for you time and effort.
  9. Cj I have 2 ECT and 2 IAT involved. They 4 read the same but only the 2 of them take part in the ECU.The others are for future use with my Rotrex. The camshafts are big about 60° of overlap thus I have my load axis set to TPS. The sensors are PX3AN2BS100PAAAX sealed gage both of them. The idle stop screw is set correctly. Basically I just got back from a small ride and noticed that overrun issues are solved. The problem that I have now is at tight maneuver and light throttle openings where the RPM drop and the engine stalls.
  10. Steve to be honest I don't see the situation/problem you are describing. The values look good to me. By the way the RPM lockout was set previously at 400 rpm. By default. The problem is the same.
  11. What would be your suggestion about idle rpm lockout Steve? The fuel pressure sensor is not working by the way.
  12. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CIIB3g6LcraDnki_bBmCrd309C6IHgFW/view?usp=drivesdk Despite the overrun which I might have fixed at the very end of the file on parking manoeuvres the engine stalls and dies. This happens many times and I am breaking my head to figure out why.
  13. This my latest and best map.The log is too big to upload.About 1.7 mb.I can send it via email. I have done some improvements.Have adjusted idle from Open Loop,then proceed to Closed Loop etc etc...Its rock solid.Never understood why someone has to go through Open Loop and then to Closed Loop,probably the enginners now better.... I want to ask the following because i think that many things happen in the backround like idle speed control where the user first has to set the Open Loop and later the Closed Loop. How does rpm lockout on Closed Loop idle speed control,max and min clamp,idle target RPM Table and Overrun Deactivation Table are related? Regards Mazda Miata Vi-PEC i88 Final Map - Link Ignition Map.pclr
  14. I am facing a problem with overrun fuel cut. If I set it to 2000(by default is set at 2000 rpm) rpm when engine is in warm up to temp everything works as it should. The problem is that the car is jerking when the engine speed hits 2000 rpm. So I have to press the clutch. Plus I like to have it lower than 2000 rpm, for example 1400.There isn't any conflict with idle target rpm which is set at 1200 rpm. When I set to 1700~1500 rpm for example the following strange thing happens. The car either keeps the idle at 1500~1600 rpm or the idle goes lean 21 AFR and finally dies. Any suggestions? Does the rpm lock out on idle speed control (closed loop control) has any effect? Basically it does not like at all overrun fuel cut lower than 2000 rpm.
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