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  1. iliasfyntanidis

    VDO 360 009 Cal Table

    Any suggestions of what type of sensors for an accurate reading?Trued and tested for accurate readings.
  2. iliasfyntanidis

    VDO 360 009 Cal Table

    Hi there. Anyone has a calibration table for this VDO sensor? It maxes out at 80 psi and also has a warning contact of low oil pressure wich is 6psi +/-2psi.
  3. iliasfyntanidis

    IVts software

    Thumbs Up for the best tech support!
  4. iliasfyntanidis

    Greddy 3 Bar Map Sensor

  5. iliasfyntanidis

    Greddy 3 Bar Map Sensor

    That's correct. i have misunderstood those 2 values, MAP and MGP. In the Y axis(right click on the fuel map)where load is applied i saw after search how i can apply MGP.So it's clear to me know how i can add negative values.But the MAP sensor that i have and above you gave me the calibration tables how will it read negative values i.e. per the table?It's lowest value is 0 kpa and it doesn't accept negative values.In the fuel table above we have negative values.....Does the ECU with it's internal baro sensor does all this job(for the negative values) I have also noticed that when i turn the Y axis from MGP to MAP the ECU says that negative values are not accepted over there.Clever! So the question is how with the CAL tables for my Greddy MAP sensor above and using MGP can i add negative values or how does the ECU gets the job done for those negative KPA values? Edit*Something else that draw my attention is that the fuel table has MGP load(negative values) on Y axis and ignition table has MAP load(positive values) on Y axis.I see the exapmle for the N/A Mazda MX5
  6. iliasfyntanidis

    Greddy 3 Bar Map Sensor

    Simon thanks for the heads up. I need to spend more time with the layout and the functions.I noticed that CAL tables are dedicated on linear and non linear sensors etc. Something else .I was doing this on Vipec (I know that there is the PC Link outhere some years now,but Vipec seems easier on me and i am just playing around at the time) Something else that i don't pretty much understand.Will this resolution give good results while i am on N/A mode?Because i am planning to break in the engine while being N/A so always on vacuum(Will add the Supercharger later) I am asking so because i have some very aggresive cams with overlap and tight LSA angle that will give some tough time. The question is:On my y axis where load is aplied in this situation kpa should i start the resolution from 0kpa to which ever will be my end or should i start from negative values -100kpa?What factor defines that?When i was N/A i was watching my boost gauge reading while lifting off the throttle 550 inHg.Can this value be displayed with the calibration that my Greedy Map sensor has? I have seen maps on Turbocharged engines where the load is applied on negative values i.e. -100kpa and some times the load starts from 0kpa.I really tried to express what my question is,don't know if it makes sense. .
  7. iliasfyntanidis

    Greddy 3 Bar Map Sensor

    Hi there. I want to use my existing Greddy 3 Bar Map Sensor with my Vipec i88 ECU. I have found the calibration values in order to add this but it seems difficult ....Can anyone please chime in with a CAL table in the PC Link software,i.e. an exapmle would be grate. Below is the calibration table for Greddy. https://www.google.gr/search?q=greddy+3+bar+map+sensor+calibration&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwidgdDrt_DVAhUhJcAKHZmaDh4Q_AUICigB&biw=1094&bih=487#imgrc=4zWvYCTNeCERuM: Cheers!
  8. iliasfyntanidis

    Knock Sensors Hookup Wire,Location,Performance?

    Any suggestions of what part Number knock sensor should I use? I assume a Bosch but there are so many outhere? According to my calculations my knock frequency its about 7.2khz. Probably they are all the same but I see a lot of variations on pricing.
  9. Hi there. There are 2 types of knock sensors as far as i know in the automotive industry.The Bosch style(2 wires?) or also called donut style which is wideband and the others(1 wire?) that many early Japanese cars have like my Mazda MX5 1999 model,narrowband.I have seen it on Honda's and Mitsubishi engines. I will try to keep the factory knock sensor but i would like to add one more,Bosch type somewhere near the deck surface. Question The problem that i am ''facing'' is if i have to use some type of special wire? Shielded or not what you guys use when you extend the wire or add one sensor in an engine that hasn't got one from the beggining? If someone has experience from back to back testing on these type of knock sensors please chime in. How do these 2 compare,which is more user friendly(via the i88 platform) in terms of tuning and getting the job done right? I know that the outcome has to do with the users capabilities and experience but if all equal what more experience tunners use? If there isn't any room left in wiring near the deck surface other acceptable location that provide accurate readings? Thanks in advance!
  10. iliasfyntanidis

    Vipec i88 wiring

    Interesting Scott. How will i do the calibration map for the the OEM fuel tank pressure?I mean it's not a gauge that i can go and buy with its calibration sheet..... Amazing how many many pins are out of the way when a standalone ECU takes it's place.
  11. iliasfyntanidis

    Vipec i88 wiring

    Scott the Fuel Tank Pressure pin 2A in my ECU is it something that has to be connected somewhere in the i88?
  12. iliasfyntanidis

    Wideband and Narrowband wiring?

    Hi Adamw Yes you are right,forgot to mention the controllers. They both of them have. Zeitronix and Innovate LC1.
  13. iliasfyntanidis

    Vipec i88 wiring

    Scott Does it make sense to power multiple 12V devices from one single power source? For exapmle you mentioned in the first post that i can feed the ISC solenoid with ''the Ignition switched +12V could be the one used to power the ECU'' Can i for example split the wire in half that goes to +14V to my Vipec in order to power other accesories as well?
  14. iliasfyntanidis

    Wideband and Narrowband wiring?

    Hi there. I am in the process of bulding my harness.I am planning on using 3 oxygen sensors.2 widebands and the OEM narrowband. They will be located as follows. The 2 widebands in exhaust ports 1-4,2-3 and the OEM norrowband just before the cat. The purpose is to keep AFR readings as accurate by splitting the readings in the exhaust ports as mentioned above and the OEM narrowband will be kept on order to help me tune in CLL. I believe that monitoring the AFR target values with one wideband doesn't mean that all the injectors spray the same.Especially under WOT. My questions are 1)Is the narrowband better than a wideband,in means of fuel economy and accuracy being more accurate in the stoich area? My 2 widebands are user programmable.Does this mean that i can make them act just like the OEM narrowband,on not? 2)How can i wire in the 2 Bosch LSU wideband sensors to my i88 Vipec?According to Bosch the pin out is the following. Pin 1 Pump current APE / IP Pin 2 Virtual ground IPN / VM Pin 3 Heater voltage H- / Uh- Pin 4 Heater voltage H+ / Uh+ Pin 5 Trim resistor RT / IA Pin 6 Nernst voltage UN / RE Thanks.
  15. iliasfyntanidis

    Vipec i88 wiring

    Scott thanks and all the team running for the users. How will I know the following? Quote "Just make sure that the supply you use can handle the additional load."End quote Apart from testing is there any other way to go around?From your experience from where would you take the +12V? Thanks for the Support! Lewis