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  1. Runs like a champ,again!
  2. Great! Always check the instruments!
  3. @Rossobianconero thanks for the input! Well today i adjusted the intake adjustable camshaft gear.The Trigger Scope it's much better.The magnets are almost centered between the crank teeth.Even with a ruller the difference is obvious. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fqgpjxn22lsaiea/Trigger Scope Adjusted Trigger VVTi.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ghn65t1365ky317/Trigger Scope Adjusted Trigger VVTi 2.jpg?dl=0 This one is from an old Trigger Scope. https://www.dropbox.com/s/viqob7jfvrqce6s/Trigger Scope 5500rpm 2.jpg?dl=0 Have not driven the car but i feel that the problem is solved,finally.As soon as i hit the road i will report back just for the record.
  4. Hi Adam. Yes the engine had a full rebuild. The reason for the edges of cam and crank teeth falling one each other is because it has different camshafts, so I had to time them using the lift at top dead center method. I have seen the original trigger pattern. Yesterday in a long ride with various WOTs I had plenty of trigger errors. As soon as the engine got really warm, so the belt slack eliminated the engine pulled all its gears to 8300 rpm. I will try what you have suggested me and if this doesn't work I will rotate the outer portion of the adjustable camshafts gear in the other direction to fit the magnets(teeth) centered in relation to the crankshaft teeth. May I ask if I keep the VVTi pattern and switch trigger 2 to rising what will happen? Thanks for the help.
  5. Adam this my latest map. https://www.dropbox.com/s/eqn0d312fkv05uu/Mazda Miata GearTech Ignition Map Advanced%2CCLL%2COil Pressure Limit%2COverrun High Resolution 2 VVTi.pclr?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/viqob7jfvrqce6s/Trigger Scope 5500rpm 2.jpg?dl=0
  6. Today with the different trigger pattern I got trigger error, upon acceleration. Should I change the crankshaft and camshaft sensors and the coil on plugs? Is it worth try? I am asking, I don't know if the trigger error has to do only with camshaft and camshaft sync.
  7. Thanks Adam. Will test it on the road and get back. How does the VVTi trigger pattern compensates(everything is set to zero) ?I did a trigger scope and got the exact crank and cam patterns as the OBD2 pattern that I had.
  8. The problem has returned unfortunately.I had the belt tight enough and for a few days i did not have any trigger errors.Although there were times that with the belt with the right tension(loose) there where no trigger errors present,so i can not extract a safe conclusion ...It was wrong(tight) so i adjusted the tension on the normal specs. I always get trigger errors,more than ever before and i can not figure out what is going on.Lately on a typical Sunday blast for the first 30 kms(250kms in total) the engine was throwing trigger errors.As the engine was getting hotter they disappeared. I have switched the trigger set up to MX5 VVTi trigger pattern and have adjusted the base timing again.Is there anything else that i should do with the trigger 2 VVT(cam type)on the settings?I dont have an adjustable camshaft type neither anything plugged in the ecu so what should i do....There are plenty of options such as Inlet LH/RH and Exhaust LH/RH..Should i manipulate the offset in either way to have it centered ? Have not driven the car since the trigger pattern change.
  9. Problem solved. I would like to keep the community up to date and to help everyone out, as I have received help from forum members and the guys running this forum,the problem was the timing belt slack.
  10. Yes I can Adam. My trigger pattern at the moment is the usual, 2T-1 at the camshaft and 4T at the crank not equally spaced. Isn't that we are seeing at the trigger scope that I have posted the correct pattern ? What exactly do you mean that my pattern is offset from the expected?
  11. Here are the 2 Trigger Scopes. https://www.dropbox.com/transfer/AAAAAE3Sy0xZgSqVKpFkbAvQPae8ZfJo5JAgf3PxbPRUW3dhKAKh4M8
  12. I was looking at the logs and everything that has to do with spark/fuel cut crossed my mind.I had made the program my self aand i remember that i had set the GP RPM Limit 1 in regards to oil pressure. I think that i have messed with the axis set up on oil pressure. The interpolation between the last two values was a bit too agressive.Have changed that also,and tomorrow i will give it a try plus the scope. Adam what do you think?The startuo lock out matches what i see at the log.....
  13. Hi there guys. I have a problem with my car.The RPM Limit activates lower that it should,at 7900rpm(8500 at my pclink) This only happens with 4th gear and onwards,basically when i try to hit top speed.With 1st 2nd 3rd the rev limit activates at 8300,as it should.(Default setting 8500 rpm) Here is a pull where i hit the rev limit twice,the second time went a little higher but nowhere close 8300. Attached the pclink and 4th gear pull.Please forward the log at 8:17...... At the dyno(Dynapack)where 5th gear was used there wasn't a problem with the rpm limit.Kicked in where it should. Have contacted the Link team but they said that it might be noise(i have an adapter harness on the stock wires)runout from the crank...etc. Any insight from the community would help. The car is a Mazda Miata 1.6lt MK2 1999 model rated at 180bhp fully N/A built. Regards Lewis https://www.dropbox.com/s/af83h9gn4sptede/Mazda%20Miata%20GearTech%20Ignition%20Map%20Advanced%2CCLL%2COil%20Pressure%20Limit%2COverrun.pclr?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/nimm9d0iqpy845x/4th%20Gear%20Pull.llg?dl=0
  14. Noted will not touch it. By the way I have the earlier case which looks much prettier than the late ones. Does the warranty covers ECU's that have been purchased second hand?
  15. Is it possible to convert one not waterproof to a waterproof one? Is there an option as a service or a kit for purchase?
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