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  1. @cj Thank you very much for the answers and usefull questions. Please tell me how would you setup the calibration table depending the following image.Would you set 0.5volt as 0 psi and 4.5volt as 100psi?My error is that i have set 4.5 volt as 114.7 psi correct? Honeywell PX3 by Ηλίας Φυντανίδης, on Flickr I am using Siemens Deka 550cc fuel injectors.The dead times are the following 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 4.999 2.024 1.33 1.032 0.883 0.685 0.586 0.487 0.387 0.338 I will do the rest as suggested.By the way are you a tuner?Because i see you are always spot on..... Thank you for you time and effort.
  2. Cj I have 2 ECT and 2 IAT involved. They 4 read the same but only the 2 of them take part in the ECU.The others are for future use with my Rotrex. The camshafts are big about 60° of overlap thus I have my load axis set to TPS. The sensors are PX3AN2BS100PAAAX sealed gage both of them. The idle stop screw is set correctly. Basically I just got back from a small ride and noticed that overrun issues are solved. The problem that I have now is at tight maneuver and light throttle openings where the RPM drop and the engine stalls.
  3. Steve to be honest I don't see the situation/problem you are describing. The values look good to me. By the way the RPM lockout was set previously at 400 rpm. By default. The problem is the same.
  4. What would be your suggestion about idle rpm lockout Steve? The fuel pressure sensor is not working by the way.
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CIIB3g6LcraDnki_bBmCrd309C6IHgFW/view?usp=drivesdk Despite the overrun which I might have fixed at the very end of the file on parking manoeuvres the engine stalls and dies. This happens many times and I am breaking my head to figure out why.
  6. This my latest and best map.The log is too big to upload.About 1.7 mb.I can send it via email. I have done some improvements.Have adjusted idle from Open Loop,then proceed to Closed Loop etc etc...Its rock solid.Never understood why someone has to go through Open Loop and then to Closed Loop,probably the enginners now better.... I want to ask the following because i think that many things happen in the backround like idle speed control where the user first has to set the Open Loop and later the Closed Loop. How does rpm lockout on Closed Loop idle speed control,max and min clamp,idle target RPM Table and Overrun Deactivation Table are related? Regards Mazda Miata Vi-PEC i88 Final Map - Link Ignition Map.pclr
  7. I am facing a problem with overrun fuel cut. If I set it to 2000(by default is set at 2000 rpm) rpm when engine is in warm up to temp everything works as it should. The problem is that the car is jerking when the engine speed hits 2000 rpm. So I have to press the clutch. Plus I like to have it lower than 2000 rpm, for example 1400.There isn't any conflict with idle target rpm which is set at 1200 rpm. When I set to 1700~1500 rpm for example the following strange thing happens. The car either keeps the idle at 1500~1600 rpm or the idle goes lean 21 AFR and finally dies. Any suggestions? Does the rpm lock out on idle speed control (closed loop control) has any effect? Basically it does not like at all overrun fuel cut lower than 2000 rpm.
  8. Good morning.Thanks for the help! Can you recall its vacuum from a log Adam?
  9. I have switched my fuel map to TPS as a load axis and did yesterady quick tune in the cells till 4000rpm basically to break in the new engine.Great tool. I have my ignition map to MGP as a load axis.Do you know if i switch to TPS what values should i enter? I have camshafts that on idle produce only 3.5 psi of vacuum that's the reason for tuning via TPS.
  10. Any feedback from the from the staff?
  11. Adam the engine is a Mazda Miata 1.6lt Engine.The engine has the following specs. 9.5 CR Oversize 1mm Inlet and Outlet valves,double heavy duty springs,ported and polished head and cams with 12mm lift(See attached pdf).Other mods present but not related. Exhaust its a 4-2-1 Maxim Header and the intake its stock at the moment.Fuel is being injected with 550cc Siemens Deka fuel injectors,coil plugs are from Toyota part number 90919-02240.No exhaust present,just the header. Cam Trigger with 2T-1 and Crank Trigger with 4T.So its stock from the drop down menu trigger pattern on the ECU.NGK BKR6E-11 Spark Plugs,fresh fuel.Walbro 255 HP LPH fuel pump. Also could you check the calibration tables and configuration of fuel and oil sensors.I am using Honeywell PX3. They have for 0.5Volts output voltage (0 psi absolute and 14.7 psi sealed gauge) and for 4.5Volts output voltage they have (100 psi absolute and 114.7 psi sealed gauge).Which values should i use on my Cal tables?Please see my program. Have attached 3 attempts difficult to start.On the 1st the engine has been tottaly cold overnight.On the 3d attempt i have used the Pre Crank Prime with Key On.It has made a difference but the combustion chamber it's probably warmer because i have tried cranking the engine and letting it idle previously,only a few seconds but everything plays its role.I believe that my issue it's trigger related basically not fuel related.Your experience please? 3701258.pdf Difficult to Start Log 2019-01-1 6;30;08 pm.llg Difficult to start 2 Log 2019-01-1 6;42;17 pm.llg Mazda Miata Vi-PEC i88 Last Map.pclr Difficult to Start 3 Log 2019-01-1 6;46;09 pm.llg
  12. Apart from first Crank Enrichment (have went from 15% to 80%) what else could be the cause of a startup that it's not so crisp? I have generally good values on Crank Enrichment Table and so on,i am idling at 13.7 AFR till the end of Warm Up Enrichment. What should I look for....?
  13. So lower crank enrichment gives more fuel or less? For example 30% crank enrichment gives more fuel than 40% crank enrichment? And what about crank enrichment table? Does lower numbers give more or less fuel?
  14. Merry Christams first of all to everyone. I would to clear some things in my mind about cold start.I am trying to get a start up like my family car does or as close as i can get.Now i have a start up between 2-3 seconds which seems a bit high for my taste.I have in bold the exact names of the tables used in the PC Link and have an example in the end with realistic number so as to know if i am correct. 1)I would like to know the value of First Crank Enrich which in my case is 30% from where it's being applied/taken or created in the procedure?In the help file it says that additional fuel is being injected for the first engine revolution and under 400rpm.OK understood....What 30% means in realistic numbers? Is this value of 30% being added to the Crank Enrichment Table ? On my Crank Enrichment Table which is 2D table and ECT dependent i have for example on 20°C 130% fuel as Crank Enrichment. So what would be as a final numerical number the First Crank Enrichment?(In my fuel table from 0 till 500 rpm i have 25 as a fuel value and on my Crank Enrichment Table on 20°C i have 130% on my table ) What i have understood is that First Crank Enrichement is being added as a percentage to the Crank Enrichment Table which looks the fuel table.....????? 2)What would be the downsides of using wrong dead times on fuel injectors?I believe that my dead time table it's not correct.They are 550ccSiemens Deka fuel injectors.Any help/advice from experience would be great.What's the relationship between dead times and pulsewidth when traditional equation fuel mode is used? Below it's the dead time table as provided by the supplier. 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 4.999 2.024 1.33 1.032 0.883 0.685 0.586 0.487 0.387 0.338 3)How crucial is to adjust on Idle Speed Control the Open Loop before the Closed Loop? 4)Long shot but i will ask this one also.....On parking maneuvers the engine was shutting down very gently i might say.I was in a hurry with so may info on F12 can you please show me where to look first for that problem? Thanks in advance for the help.
  15. So what would be your recommendation for my load axis on my ignition map.MAP,MGP or TP?
  16. Well the timing light gun drifts a bit on idle,with the screen open but as soon as i raise the rev it's stable.The timing disc has 4 teeth not equally spaced. I have unstable and week intake manifold pressure.Below it's a video showing the MAP signal(bottom left) on the Zeitronix display.The units are mmHg.The camshafts have 28° degrees overlap,244°/236° at 1mm of lift duration, 106° LSA and 12mm lift. Some questions I will alter my equation load source to BAP instead of MAP but does this has any effect while i am idling,standing still and i am in the sea surface.BAP works for BARO compensation which i don't understand if i need at the moment?Will this have any effect on idling or any effect at all?Asuming that i am not driving on a mountain course but in the city where the elevations are minimal. I will also alter the load axis at my fuel table from MGP to TP as the instructions indicate. 1)I see that in the Base Maps for the MX5 you have in your equation load source MAP.But in your fuel table load axis you have MGP.Why MGP and not MAP?I have read in the instructions that MAP it is not recommended but i can not figure out why? 2)On your ignition map you have as a load axis MAP.Why not MGP as it is used in the fuel table?Can i use MGP as a load axis in the ignition map instead of MAP? On my Zeitronix display i get a signal of 85 to 170 mmHg(fluctuating) which equals to(11 to 23 Kpa).Having on my ignition table MAP as load axis i sit on my ignition table 6° BTDC.On my ignition table 6° degrees is 80 Kpa which equals to 600 mmHg.How is this possible?The runtime values show 84 Kpa MAP and -17 Kpa MGP signal on the PC Link.Shouldn't i be sitting on the 15° degrees ignition angle as i have 11 to 23 Kpa(which my Zeitronix shows) intake manifold pressure?See the attached picture to see what the PC Link shows and what the Zeitronix display shows in order to become more understandable . Regarding the cold start i have read everything that has to do with it and also saw the webinars on HP Academy.But i need some help on the strategy to follow. I have seen that with the ISC Control makes a huge difference(easier) if it turned from Open Loop to Closed Loop.It was indicated to me that i should try to make the car idle as best as i can with the Open Loop On and then turn On the Closed Loop.How can i keep my ISC solenoid to keep up with my desired idle target?In a previous post Adam,you told me that '' It depends if you are using open loop or closed loop. If using open loop the base position table tells the idle valve how far open to be, the idle target table has no effect. In open loop mode the idle target table is only used for idle ignition control'' 3)Should i adjust the Duty Cycle of the ISC and meet the desired rev level for a given ECT temp(The Idle RPM Table probably will be my guide as the idle target,BUT has no effect on Open Loop)????How will i reach the desired rev level ? 4)When i hit F12 i get oil temp readings although i have not installed a gauge for oil? Sorry for the long post.Probably some things might not make much sense or did not explained them correctly.
  17. 1)Thanks. 2)Will look into this deeper. 3)I am sure that the screen is closed but i am also sure that i am sitting at 15 degrees on my ignition map and ISC ignition table.Will repeat the process and report back with the screen open.The ECU it's a Vipec i88 latest board version,Serial Number 18553 running the latest firmware. Some more questions... 4)What's the difference between PCLink G4+ V5.6.5.3338b ENG-JPN VV5.6.5(latest) and PCLink G4+ V5.6.5.3338 ENG-JPN V5.6.5. on the PC Link downloads? As i have said i am using the example base map that it is included in the software.The map that i am using it's for the Mazda MX5 and suited for my needs.I have set my Master Fuel from 16ms(originally) to 7ms(I am using Siemens Deka 550EV14 fuel injectors) and i have not touched the fuel map values. 5)The question is..Is it better to have small master fuel and bigger values on the fuel table or the opposite? 6)What's the purpose of Master Fuel Trim?Other than turning the value of Master Fuel decimal i dont see any other point. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi there. I have started tuning my car and i am using the default values that are applied on the plug in units.I am using the MX5 map and after adjusting the Base Timing and the Master Fuel etc,etc i managed to fire the engine up.Congrats for the maps,great place to start if someone has a clue about what to do. I am having some questions though and many to follow up in the future. 1)First i would like to know at the Ignition Main there is Igniton Delay option.There is also that exact oprtion on the Trigger Calibration.Probaply those 2 numbers should match,right they are the same thing?So entering a value in one field means that i have to enter the same amount on the other. 2)Whats the relation between Idle Base Positon Table and Idle Target RPM Table?If for some reason i would like to raise the idle RPM target should i have to adjust the value on the Idle Base Positon Table?The values on that table(Idle Base Positon Table)mean how fast the idle will rise or fall?Because i did raise the idle RPM target and i did not noticed any change on the Idle Base Positon Table. 3)I have seen that my timing mark at 15 BTDC while it's stable at idle when i apply some throttle it drifts significantly.I have not adjusted the fitering option on Trigger Set Up for Crank(If that has to do with something)but i have adjusted the values that i am refering to in No1.Can't recall if i had them the same.My crank has 4 teeth and polarity is 100% correct because i used the pin of my OEM harness so only one wire towards Vipec plug accordingly.What can i do for that?
  19. For continuity purposes the pin out of Euro models its slightly different from the US models. Cars equipped with immobilizer have the fuel pump in 3P on the ECU. Which is mine situation. Cars without immobilizer have the fuel pump in 3N. That is the reason. Apart from that,cars equipped with immobilizer( like mine) the fuel pump relay does not have the Light Green(without immobilizer they have the Light Green wire) wire but a Red/White color wire that goes to the 3P ECU.All the other colors match the fuel pump diagram.
  20. FIXED Thanks for all the support. After 3 years on jack stands and a major rebuild with top notch parts the car is ready to hit the road and track.
  21. Adam i will disconnect the fuel pump relay and send 12Volts straight to the fuel pump today after work.I will also try what you suggest me.The funny thing is that the car starts with the factory ECU.BUT I don't hear the fuel pump priming with the stock ECU either.
  22. Well I measured 12.3 Volts before the fuel pump relay but after the main engine relay on the White/Blue wire that's on the left. The one in the green circle.
  23. Haven't checked that but will do. Things are messed up a bit because I have build a harness adapter(very tidy) to connect the Vipec with the plugs of the OEM harness. Possibly have done something there. I know that the fuel pump for safety reasons primes when engine is started i.e. airflow is being created not when key is in ON position.Maybe a treaty of the OEM harness does not meet up with the philosophy of my adapter harness. Hope there isn't any damage with the board of the ECU.Is there a dedicated circuit inside the board where I can take a quick look and is it easy to open the case easily apart?
  24. Have done that also. Even changed Auxiliary Outputs. Can it be the something like the problem that it is described on this topic. Can I send to tech support the wiring diagram of my Mazda just in case there is something that overlooked. For example the earlier MX5's had a switch on the AFM. Mine doesn't (later model 2000 has a MAF which is deleted )but maybe there is somewhere else located that I missed.
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