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  1. bigben

    Lexus 1uzfe help

    Thank you that's fantastic I've been looking everywhere for something like that many thanks
  2. bigben

    Lexus 1uzfe help

    Yeah it's the later one with the two igniters and distributors but I have two wires from the igniters to the original ecu and only one on the link could you help with this please sorry but I can't upload a photo of the diagram
  3. bigben

    Lexus 1uzfe help

    Thanks for your reply. But I'm still struggling with the wiring for the igniters or will I be able to wire it directly to the coils
  4. bigben

    Lexus 1uzfe help

    Hello everyone I'm new to all this I've got myself a link g4 xtreme ecu and to be honest the wiring is getting the better of me is there anyone that can help me with possibly a wiring diagram or something I'm sure someone has already done this any help would be much appreciated
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