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  1. anyone can share HKS 1000cc Injector Dead Time in link g4+.
  2. ebo

    evo 9 Fuel table Setup

    Thanks RICKEDE
  3. ebo

    evo 9 Fuel table Setup

    Hi RichRide, How to setup value in Fuel Table ?
  4. ebo

    evo 9 Fuel table Setup

    Thanks simon and rick, sorry for asking so many question cause previously was using tephra v7 rom, If change to Modelled Fuel Equation Mode, -which means just entering value 1000cc in Injector flow @ rated pressure ? -what are the value in Injector Dead time table ? -what the different between AFR/Lambda target table and Fuel table ?
  5. ebo

    evo 9 Fuel table Setup

    I have ID 1000cc injector in my evo 9 with 2.2 kit - How to get Master fuel value - Injector Dead time (can entering value from the 1st picture ?) - Injector Short Pulse (can leave it to 0 ?)
  6. ebo


    Hi, I am new here, looking for EVO7 Base map for G4 Atom. can i used EVO 7 Plug in ECU base map in ATOM or Storm ?
  7. ebo

    EVO9 ICS not function

    hi adturb here is the setting, when press ICS button PCLINK software show ACTIVE, not water spray it out.
  8. ebo

    EVO9 ICS not function

    Hi, anyone can help, press ICS button no light in dashbaord and no spray water, what is the problem
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