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  1. Cheers for the speedy response guys. I did hear of issues regarding the iq3s before, but didn't know if it was in general or with a certain type of ecu.. So the RT is tempting, however, would I be better off with the dash2 pro or the dash2 with the storm black? Again, I'm not fussed about data logging, just to keep an eye on things OTR & track. Thanks again all.
  2. Many thanks for the speedy reply, Unfortunatly I have nothing of the old loom remaining as its all been custom wired now so only have the plugs for the clocks etc.. I guess I'll go down the stand alone dash route after all! Any recommendations on dash's that feed / display better than others? I'm particularly drawn to the iq3s due to its looks over the RT DASH2 pro but price getting it to the uk is putting me off...
  3. Morning all, I have recently purchased a G4+ storm black ed ecu and am weighing up my options on the dash side of things... Originally was going to go down the Dash2 (or alike) route but wouldn't mind keeping the stock dash for now, my question is, can this be ran with the link ecus via output as I am new to link & stand alone wiring. Basically after the basics, tach and speed. Assuming the temp & fuel can be wired separate to the ecu.. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Originally was the AUQ engine but am using an 058 head with an 06A block (so I could benefit from the larger port head for flow) but decided that it would be beneficial to retrofit the "vvt" solenoid. Very interesting, didn't realise it was as much as 22deg. Okay so that's not to say you would potentially need two maps for use with the Link ecu? I'm not getting my hopes up that vvt will make that much of a difference for my application as I realise my build is going to be laggy, but it's Interesting that me7 actually has two maps which is changed depending on vvt position.. The more I read about me7 the more I realise how advanced an ecu it actually is.. A massive thanks again, the info is greatly appreciated.
  5. It's a strange one, they say it has two positions via the cam chain you mention, "overlap" and "no overlap" positions... Very vague indeed, but I do know mappers who are using it via the stock me7.5 ecu. I did did look at the plug in ecu but I'm currently cable throttle, but have various DBW throttle bodies. Would it be advantageous to run DBW and am I right in thinking they would be as simple as hooking them to the appropriate inputs / outputs as I don't really want to run a separate ICV.. My engine code is a mix of three, but the head is an AEB large port head. Thanks Scott.
  6. Ive attached what ive got already below. Thanks again. Liam Link ecu (version 1).xlsx
  7. Scott, I didnt expect you to write all that up for me, thanks for taking time to help! So with the VVT position im slightly confused as to where the 20VT gathers this from, Cam angle possibly? As there is no dedicated VVT position sensor as far as I am aware. Also when you mention for instance, VVT solenoid - Aux output 1 - 4 is this wired across the entire channels? If I purchase a Dash2 Pro also - will this simply wire into the CAN output via the loom (Ie no extra can controllers needed?) Many thanks again.
  8. Good morning, Just purchased a Link Storm ecu after much research from my local Link dealer and need to know a few things before I start to make the loom ( as im going concentric twisted mil spec ) Its going into a Mk4 golf 1.8t (fully built) and this will be my first custom loom & stand alone build so go easy! Im after the following: IAT, 2x knock, cam, crank, oil pressure, oil temp, coolant temp, lambda, tps, MAP, boost control solenoid , VVT & egt possibly. Just confused as to which would go to the associated digital inputs and which to analogue etc, I do not currently have PC link as im running MAC so cant access any of the examples of wiring diagrams etc. Im also running a Innovate LC2 and was wondering would this be used as my sole sensor, or would I need to purchase another wideband to connect up for the ecu? As for AEM Water meth, would this need to be connected as an input at all? Many thanks for the patience and help, its much appreciated. Edit: Im using the stock VVT (2pin) Stock VAG knocks x 2 (2pin) stock Crank sensor, Stock coolant & stock cam sensors too. All the best Liam
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