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  1. ChaserDream

    Small block Ford 5.0 base map

    Looking to see if anyone has a decent start up map, small block Ford 5.0 base map. NOT the Coyote 5.0, the older generation. Stock injectors, stock ignition. Customer wants to convert his fox body mustang to a G4+ using a storm. Factory configuration for now. If you have one with larger injectors, that's ok. I can scale the duty cycle down. Just something to get us fired so we don't have to build everything from scratch to help limit shop time.
  2. ChaserDream

    GM3 bar won't calibrate

    Up and running I ended up ordering a genuine a.c. Delco map sensor. Calibrated just fine.
  3. ChaserDream

    GM3 bar won't calibrate

    Mine is wired that same way. Ordered a new sensor. We will see it Tuesday Thanks Adam.
  4. ChaserDream

    GM3 bar won't calibrate

    Thank you Adam for the explanation. I suspected this "new never used" sensor from Rock auto might be too good for the price I paid. I did change the input settings to reflect the Gm3bar. This sensor does NOT have a part number on it. Here is the BAP and Map IG on Eng Off
  5. ChaserDream

    GM3 bar won't calibrate

    We switched a running driving car from a toyota st185 Map sensor to a GM 3bar sensor. Checked the wiring a dozen times. When we try to calibrate it using the Map sensor calibration, we get this error "Calibration failed, sensor is <5hg or >5hg" Run time values look normal and sensor does show proper change in voltage when running vs off vs sensor disconnected.
  6. ChaserDream

    Dual Mapping ECU?

    Thanks Scott. Extra ordinarily helpful!
  7. ChaserDream

    Dual Mapping ECU?

    Great response time Scott. Thanks! Can you give me a hint on how to set up the input point for changing the active tables? The customer wants to have either a low/high boost ignition and fuel map change or a race gas vs. pump gas map. We were thinking of setting her up with the G4+S before this question popped up.
  8. ChaserDream

    Dual Mapping ECU?

    I have a customer looking for a dual mapping ecu. Essentially he wants to be able to have an input like a toggle switch to toggle between a high boost tune and a low boost tune. Or perhaps a low octane tune vs. high octane tune. Does Link have anything like this? What model ecu would work for a feature like this?
  9. ChaserDream


    I have some 1uz start up maps and one fairly ok dyno map for 1uz' Shoot me a pm.
  10. ChaserDream


    Hey, I know this thread is old, but did this ever get resolved? I have a few different maps you can try.I can also change a few Maps depending on the sensors tool.
  11. ChaserDream

    1.5 jz wouldnt rev more than 5000 RPM

    That is interesting you say that, Here is my table and it runs all the way to 8k, but I am also not running wasted spark......
  12. ChaserDream

    1jz Knock set up Q

    I am Working with a 1jzgte with factory Knock sensors. My question is: In the storm programming, one of my options to pick from for sensors is the 6khz narrow band. I read somewhere that these 1jz engines most likely use the 6khz narrows. Can anyone confirm what the factory Knock is on these puppies?!
  13. ChaserDream


    I am brand new to the forum but not new to tuning. Looking for a base map for the g4 storm and a factory 1jzgte Non-vvti!