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  1. Looking to see if anyone has a decent start up map, small block Ford 5.0 base map. NOT the Coyote 5.0, the older generation. Stock injectors, stock ignition. Customer wants to convert his fox body mustang to a G4+ using a storm. Factory configuration for now. If you have one with larger injectors, that's ok. I can scale the duty cycle down. Just something to get us fired so we don't have to build everything from scratch to help limit shop time.
  2. Up and running I ended up ordering a genuine a.c. Delco map sensor. Calibrated just fine.
  3. Mine is wired that same way. Ordered a new sensor. We will see it Tuesday Thanks Adam.
  4. Thank you Adam for the explanation. I suspected this "new never used" sensor from Rock auto might be too good for the price I paid. I did change the input settings to reflect the Gm3bar. This sensor does NOT have a part number on it. Here is the BAP and Map IG on Eng Off
  5. We switched a running driving car from a toyota st185 Map sensor to a GM 3bar sensor. Checked the wiring a dozen times. When we try to calibrate it using the Map sensor calibration, we get this error "Calibration failed, sensor is <5hg or >5hg" Run time values look normal and sensor does show proper change in voltage when running vs off vs sensor disconnected.
  6. I have some 1uz start up maps and one fairly ok dyno map for 1uz' Shoot me a pm.
  7. I am brand new to the forum but not new to tuning. Looking for a base map for the g4 storm and a factory 1jzgte Non-vvti!
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