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  1. Jellybean

    MK4 Supra ECU

    Thanks Simon! Will the plug and play ecus run the injectors sequentially and the coils on pre VVTI engines sequentially? Will the knock control strategy alter timing on a cylinder to cylinder basis?
  2. Tech told me Any wideband controller with a 0-5V out put can be used.
  3. Jellybean

    MK4 Supra ECU

    Hi Simon I am looking through the engine protection strategies on the ecu tuning function online help and I don't see anything mentioned about knock , setting thresholds for oil, fuel pressure to trigger a limp home mode ; is it possible in the pnp kit Is the quick fuel tuning VE tuning? Does traction control work on the Supra model or would I need a digital signal from the ABS sensors to measure Wheel Speed/slip? What is the difference between Can Port and RS232 I see on other models ?
  4. Jellybean

    MK4 Supra ECU

    Hi Scott I am confused on temp sensor , I cannot see a 3/8 listed on the link website but the 2JZ PNP says it uses a 3/8 NPT- Bosch push in http://www.linkecu.com/TS2JZPlus http://www.linkecu.com/Products/temperature What wideband controller options are there with the PNP kit Innovate LC2 or the MTX-L?
  5. Can you run the GM Temp sensor with the Link ECU G4+ Xtreme? I have a CNC threaded port 3/8NPT available
  6. Jellybean

    MK4 Supra ECU

    Thanks Scott ! Yes she is a non-VVTI Out of curiosity looking at prices on dealers websites , considering the PNP kits from what I gather are based on the Extreme ECU , they need an add-on 02 Module to run wideband sensor , the Fury has a built in O2 Wideband controller Whys is the PNP KIt with O2 Module more expensive then the Fury even though the Fury is higher spec? Has DBW (Which I dont need but you can get DBW kits for Non-VVTI now)
  7. Jellybean

    New firmware

    Dave, did you do the youtube video?
  8. Jellybean

    MK4 Supra ECU

    Does Link have a 2jzgte Non-VVTI base map for the Link Fury ?
  9. Jellybean

    MK4 Supra ECU

    Hi Car: Toyota Model: Supra (JZA80) Engine: 2JZGTE 6MTM (JDM) Since installing the 264 cams I am having issues with cold start (Closed loop), I need to fettle the throttle till she warms up ( she runs rich till warmed up); once she runs Open loop she runs fine I read a few threads but they are all from 2015 , so far I am leaning towards the Fury but I know the Thunder is out now; what do you recommend? Based on my reading here I can use alot of the OEM sensors but what else do I need?, The stock knock sensors, water temp sensor, Crank/Cam triggers all work with the link. The stock oil pressure switch is a bit useless, better off replacing it with a 150psi TI pressure sensor , the stock Toyota air temp sensor in the plenum with a faster acting sensor, the Fury uses the Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor and loom-side plug/pin kit OEM Map sensor work? I will need to run the Turbos in Parallel as opposed to sequential Essentials I want Engine Protection :Oil pressure, knock Wideband FunctionalityBoost controlled via the ECUFlexi-fuel compatible BPU(basic performance upgrades) • JSPEC Turbos (Ceramic) • Apexi AVCR (1.2 BAR set) • First decat and Sard 2nd sport CAT(3 inch piping) • Greddy intercooler 4" • Tomei 264 Poncams • Denso IK22 (Colder grade spark plug for increated boost pressure) • Walbro 255 Fuel pump • HKS Silent Hi Power Exhaust • OsGiken Street master Clutch (Rated Approximately 575 ft lbs)
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