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  1. Just to update this. I bought the Ecu and updated it to this evening and Internal Knock control and Internal Ethrottle has been unlocked. Thanks Karl
  2. Ok that clears that up. Someone also mentioned that the processor between the older red G4+ Xtreme is different to the processor in the Black G4+ Xtreme? Can anyone confirm? As far as I can tell the only difference is that the black has peak and hold injector drivers? Also has the red G4+ got knock control? I'm just trying to make sure the ecu I am buying will be suitable. Thanks Karl
  3. I understand that features had to be unlocked on this ecu but are they all unlocked now that they are unlocked on the Xtreme (black) I want to use the ethrottle feature. Thanks Karl
  4. karl.

    Toyota EP91 wiring

    Hi Scott, Thanks very much for your reply. I will look into that and get that written out this evening. Also am I right in thinking I cant use AUX 5 and AUX 6 on the atom? Are these used for CAN on the atom? Its just that the the manual suggests using AUX 5 and higher for PWM or can I use any AUX pin? Thanks
  5. karl.

    Toyota EP91 wiring

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me wire up my g4+ atom to my Toyota Glanza Ep91. I will be running a external map sensor through the standard wiring. I have a button on the dash that goes to pin 20 (bc) on connector 1 that I'd like to keep. If I could get something like this it would be grea. I will also be using my innovate wideband as a input instead of the stock lambda sensor.
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