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  1. I'm looking at putting in an G4X XtremeX into my race car with a custom loom to a K20a Euro R motor and an S2000 gearbox, running Link CAN Lambda (via B Plug) and Link Dash via CAN (via B Plug). It would be awesome if someone could eyeball the following and see if anything stands out as completely wrong. A Loom Pin Name Function Channel Assignment Notes A1 Injection 4 INJ-4 Injector Cyl 4 A2 Injection 3 INJ-3 Inj
  2. Thanks. How do the standard wires handle 60A? My understanding was they were 22 AWG so around 7A each = 28A total which is quite a bit less then the 60A max? I'm also curious about this as well.
  3. The manual has a very explicit warning not to combine the power grounds. However I'm planning to go from the cabin through a bulkhead connector into the engine bay and I'm trying to reduce the number of pins required. Can they be combined on the other side of the connector in the engine bay with an appropriately sized wire which then goes to the engine block? Am I safe to do the same with both connectors so 4 wires into 1 pin? Or run each wire all the way, so 4 pins required on the bulk head connector.
  4. Thanks, I figured as much but was wondering if i had missed something special about them
  5. In the Manual for setting up a K20a it mentions "Extra relay required as from the factory the VTEC solenoid is wires as power (+) switching Can this be changed to do ground switching via the ECU in a custom loom? Just trying to limit the number of relays i'm using.
  6. I gave up and went to a Windows tablet running PCLink which works better. The other thing I wanted was Oil Pressure which I couldn't get through OBD2 so it wasn't the best option for my use case.
  7. After doing a bit of research recently into running a tablet as the primary dash for my car here's some thoughts... Hardware: For the older Windows tablets using Micro usb you should be wary of any claims of being able to charge and have a device connected, a lot of descriptions of the adapter cables are wrong as it totally depends on the tablet, so make sure you do your research first, if in doubt it likely doesn't support both at same time. However I believe the new tablets which support USB C may be better in this regard, again do your research first. Performance of PcLink on lower speced
  8. I tried my phone again (Nexus 5X android 7) and still no go, i think plx have an issue (torque wont talk to ecu) with android 7, the tablet (nexus 7 2013 android 6) connected fine again and worked. I was trying to get my phone going to eliminate the tablet from causing the lag, so i tried another way by getting an app running on windows via the Kiwi 3, it looks responsive, I think it points finger at the nexus 7 not being fast enough as certainly doesn't appear to have the same delay. (hard to tell without gauges) The cable is only 30 - 40cm long.
  9. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I do have the following errors (IGN on, vehicle not running): Acknowledge ErrorBit Recessive ErrorError PassiveBus Warning
  10. Yep all up to date, phone is connecting to the Kiwi3 fine but wont talk to ecu, phone is running Android 7 though so that may be an issue, i know they had to update firmware for android 6.
  11. That looks pretty responsive. I'm finding even just getting a connection to be very inconsistent, I wanted to try my phone out running torque and the Kiwi3 to eliminate the tablet from being to slow, but it wont connect to the ecu now, and nothing has changed in the ecu settings. Not giving me much confidence in it.
  12. A question for anyone who has run this setup, how did you find the performance? I got it all working (using a PLX Kiwi3), but the lag for the RPM is to much to make it usable (would be fine for the other gauges). I'm running 500 KBPS bit rate with generic dash 2 set to 100hz in pclink but changing it didn't seem to make much difference, I also tried another android app and had same problem. Is anyone using a similar setup with reasonable performance? Or is it inherently to slow using OBD2 and bluetooth?
  13. I'm looking at running a Bluetooth obd2 reader connected via can to a storm blue g4+. I'm using torque for Android on a tablet (Nexus 7) A couple of quick questions. Do you need to terminate the obd2 connector, or will the Bluetooth device be enough? What protocol are people using for torque? Link ecu says ISO 15764-4 but torque only supports 15765-4. What bit rate and baud are you using? Do you get the device to show in the link ecu software?
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