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  1. Nburns

    2jz idle

    Turns out the throttle body ( GM 102mm electronic) wants to sit at 22%. It looks like 22% is it neutral point.
  2. Nburns

    2jz idle

    Hi, have just started up my 2jz gte for the first time and it will jump straight up to 4000 rpm ( rpm limit ) and wont idle at set 1000 rpm. Using 6 wire stepper motor. Cheers
  3. Nburns

    2JZ base tune

    Hi, looking for a base tune just to run the car. Engine is a 2jz non vvti with 2000cc injectors, LS truck coils runnning a link fury. Any help would be good.
  4. Using a link fury, have the 6 e throttle wires needed, just wanting to which pins they need to connected to. Cheers
  5. Nburns

    Knock senor wiring

    Thanks for the quick reply, the small booked supplied with my ecu has both knock out puts marked blue when the cable itself has white and black. Thanks for clearing that up. Cheers Nick
  6. Nburns

    Knock senor wiring

    Wiring in a link fury to a 2jz, requires single wire knock sensor. What wire needs to connected black or wire? Thanks
  7. Nburns

    2JZ Alternator wiring

    Hi, I have a S14 time attack build with a 2jz will be wiring in a G4 Fury. Looking for a basic wiring diagram for wiring in the alternator. Cheers
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