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  1. Mobilelpg

    Nissan Silvia S15 Boost control

    I am using AEM wideband gauges in both of my Skylines (1x standard and 1x failsafe), they have been reliable over the years but.... With the 0-5v feed into the ECU giving the ECU a wideband reading, there is always a discrepancy. My gauge might be showing 14.7 afr but the ECU is reading 14.2, so I adjust the offset to get it perfect, then when the gauge is showing 11.0 afr, the ecu might be reading 11.5. So I adjust the offset again and the best I have managed is have it mostly correct at the rich and stoich range, but incorrect in the lean area i.e 15.5 reads 16.0 or 15.0. To make it worse the discrepancy is slightly different from one day to the next. I have tried everything including the earthing via the ECU sensor ground etc, this is not a Link ECU issue as I had the same issue with Apexi and ECUmaster. For that reason alone, I would have and will in the future be opting for a CAN wideband to get rid of this inaccuracy, I want to know that when I tweak the mapping based on the info from my log, that when it says the AFR was at 11.5, it actually was at 11.5 and not in fact 11.2 or 11.8. Hope this helps, Edward.
  2. Mobilelpg

    Interpolation view

    What I would like is a cursor that I can freely move around the table (not from one box to the next), with a separate small window which would always show the interpolated value for the position of the cursor. I realise I can change the axis of the table and click yes to 'Interpolate table values' to view the interpolation value, but a free cursor with a separate interpolation view box would be great, maybe there is already a way of doing this that I am not aware of? Edward.
  3. Mobilelpg

    'Save All' logs

  4. Mobilelpg

    Quick Tuning

    Hi Simon, Thank you very much for your quick reply. So just to clarify, if I drive through the range that closed loop lambda is active collecting as much data as possible, then pull over and store to ecu. If I then load that file into PClink and compare to the map before the store was made, I would see numerous changes made throughout the fuel table? I would go and try it now but I have messed up my back so currently out of action. Thanks again and sorry if I am asking for information that is obvious. Edward.
  5. Mobilelpg

    Quick Tuning

    HI Simon, I just found this thread and wondered if I could get a little more information regarding your advice to use closed loop lambda and then do a store to ECU before shutting off power. So when driving in closed loop lambda, is there a table somewhere that temporarily stores the 'trims' applied? if so can this be viewed on PC Link? If you store to ECU before shutting off, does this make the trim adjustments save somewhere for quicker future use or does it make a direct change to the fuel map? Very interested ot know what the store to ECU actually does regarding the closed loop lambda. Thank you, Edward.