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    Virtual buttons for tablets etc

  2. Mobilelpg

    Windows Tablet Dash Configeration

    Hi, Thanks,. I did try this but clearly I wasn't rolling enough for it to register for my first gear calibration , as soon as I pressed calibrate it instantly said finished. I wasn't sure if the 655.35 gear ratio calc reading at standstill meant it was reading inverted. The speed is bang on accurate as calibrated by GPS but I didn't realise it was showing KPH while I was adjusting to show an MPH figure. I will adjust the readings so that the KPH is GPS accurate as KPH, then get the car on the ramp and go through the first few gears calibration to see how it goes. So a reading of 655.35 at standstill is perfectly normal? Thanks again for your quick reply. Edward.
  3. Mobilelpg

    Windows Tablet Dash Configeration

    Hi, This reminds me, when I tried to calculate my gears last time I took my car out, every time I tried it just showed 'Finished' even though I hadn't started moving. I completely forgot about it as I do not use the gear in any of my current settings however this reminded to look into it. My data shows 'Gear Ratio Calc' as 655.35 the whole time I am not moving, once I start moving through the gears this numbers drops with each gear change. Obvious now that it is reading movement when I am at a standstill hence why is instantly states calculating and then finished before I even move off. I have posted a screen shot showing the data and my settings, but before I next take my car out I thought it easier to ask, should I be turning off the pull up resistor or changing the leading edge? Thanks, Edward. P.S I also need to recalibrate the speed units as my KPH reading is actually showing MPH figures.
  4. Mobilelpg

    Virtual Aux switch condition - Knock

    Hi, Thank you for looking into it for me, really appreciate it. I was hoping it would trigger if any cylinder registered noise above the set number, I have a Phormulla KS-4 permanently dash mounted so that shows me if I get any spikes in knock readings so it is not critical. The rest of the virtual aux do exactly what I want. Thanks again, Edward.
  5. Mobilelpg

    Virtual Aux switch condition - Knock

    I have setup numerous Virtual Auxiliarys to trigger a warning light in my dash etc i.e Engine temp over 105 degrees, Injector duty over 80%, EGT over 900 degrees all turn on my engine management light. One of the switch conditions I have set is Knock value > 500 to trigger the warning light. The reason I have this set is that I have my knock threshold maximum is 500 so I thought if any cylinder peaks higher than this it would turn the light on. On a few occasions I have hit the RPM limiter and it has caused one of the cylinders (usually cylinder 2) to trigger well over 500 which is where I have the knock threshold set to, the log registers a few counts of knock from this but never triggers the warning light. So my question is, what specifically does the knock switch condition refer to? Is it referring to 'Knock level global' or 'knock count global' or something else? Thanks, Edward.
  6. Mobilelpg

    Mixture map defined by log window

  7. Mobilelpg

    Change the default location for PCLink log files

    +5 I save all of my log files to my one drive, then I have my car PC set to stay 'alive' for 15 minutes when I shut the car down in the garage, this gives time for the log files to upload for later viewing. If the link software auto saved the log file to this folder it would be a much better option.
  8. Mobilelpg

    Recover lost log files?

    Gutted! Thanks anyway.
  9. Mobilelpg

    Recover lost log files?

    Yes, I added my name to the request for 'Save all Logs' and would also appreciate default location. On my other Skyline I run an ECUMaster EMU ECU and that has an autosave log file option, the whole time the PC is connected it is saving the data to a default folder, if I forget to save the specific log I can always go into that folder and find the data albeit not specifically named to that particular session. I have a feeling that once PCLink was closed the log files have all been deleted but I am really hoping they are stored in a temporary cache file that I could search for. Edward.
  10. Mobilelpg

    Recover lost log files?

    Is there a temporary folder where all of the log files are stored? (I have checked the Windows Temp folder and they are not in there) After a session on the track yesterday I copied the log files from the car PC onto a USB stick to analyze on a bigger screen unfortunately for whatever reason the files have not copied onto the USB. I have closed PClink on the car PC so the list of log files is no longer available but I was hoping (praying) they are stored in a temporary folder somewhere that I can pull them from? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I had a few occasions where my Accusump kicked in on the Donington Park track, this is the only place where it happens and I would really like to see the Oil Pressure data. Thanks, Edward.
  11. Mobilelpg

    Nissan Silvia S15 Boost control

    I am using AEM wideband gauges in both of my Skylines (1x standard and 1x failsafe), they have been reliable over the years but.... With the 0-5v feed into the ECU giving the ECU a wideband reading, there is always a discrepancy. My gauge might be showing 14.7 afr but the ECU is reading 14.2, so I adjust the offset to get it perfect, then when the gauge is showing 11.0 afr, the ecu might be reading 11.5. So I adjust the offset again and the best I have managed is have it mostly correct at the rich and stoich range, but incorrect in the lean area i.e 15.5 reads 16.0 or 15.0. To make it worse the discrepancy is slightly different from one day to the next. I have tried everything including the earthing via the ECU sensor ground etc, this is not a Link ECU issue as I had the same issue with Apexi and ECUmaster. For that reason alone, I would have and will in the future be opting for a CAN wideband to get rid of this inaccuracy, I want to know that when I tweak the mapping based on the info from my log, that when it says the AFR was at 11.5, it actually was at 11.5 and not in fact 11.2 or 11.8. Hope this helps, Edward.
  12. Mobilelpg

    Interpolation view

    What I would like is a cursor that I can freely move around the table (not from one box to the next), with a separate small window which would always show the interpolated value for the position of the cursor. I realise I can change the axis of the table and click yes to 'Interpolate table values' to view the interpolation value, but a free cursor with a separate interpolation view box would be great, maybe there is already a way of doing this that I am not aware of? Edward.
  13. Mobilelpg

    'Save All' logs

  14. Mobilelpg

    Quick Tuning

    Hi Simon, Thank you very much for your quick reply. So just to clarify, if I drive through the range that closed loop lambda is active collecting as much data as possible, then pull over and store to ecu. If I then load that file into PClink and compare to the map before the store was made, I would see numerous changes made throughout the fuel table? I would go and try it now but I have messed up my back so currently out of action. Thanks again and sorry if I am asking for information that is obvious. Edward.
  15. Mobilelpg

    Quick Tuning

    HI Simon, I just found this thread and wondered if I could get a little more information regarding your advice to use closed loop lambda and then do a store to ECU before shutting off power. So when driving in closed loop lambda, is there a table somewhere that temporarily stores the 'trims' applied? if so can this be viewed on PC Link? If you store to ECU before shutting off, does this make the trim adjustments save somewhere for quicker future use or does it make a direct change to the fuel map? Very interested ot know what the store to ECU actually does regarding the closed loop lambda. Thank you, Edward.