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  1. TnF

    USB-C to USB3.0 adapter?

    oh nice. Some hardware are a little picky with new interfaces that's why i am asking
  2. TnF

    USB-C to USB3.0 adapter?

    Hello guys. Are there any issues connecting a USB-C computer via a USB3.0 adapter to a link g4+? If not, any adapter will do? Planning on installing a windows tablet in the car and can be used for several things unlike obd2.
  3. Just an update to this, the solution was to move to a more flowing FPR, i used Turbosmart FPR 800 to have a stable +-1psi fuel pressure. The issue is with a restrictive FPR all the flow from the pump increases head pressure so the base fuel pressure you set is higher than when you have less fuel returning. Either way best to use a fuel pressure sensor as i have now as well and have the ecu compensate (assuming you have injector flow data for each voltage and pressure)
  4. Ok, got a reply to this thread today..Bob replied to the thread but apparently you deleted it? We've been waiting for updates for more than a year and there's nothing..
  5. interested as well..it's been more than a year..
  6. Can we at least get info on when we should finally expect a new FW?
  7. Yes but not so simple. The analogread will sometimes read on the rising or falling edge of the innovative pull up so you would end up with wrong values showing as spikes in the datalog. Solution was to calibrate some limits in the nominal value ranges and use some filtering to end up with nice data. These should be ok for datalog purposes but i wouldn't use them as control data, even for engine protection as there are not guaranteed to be 100% reliable and accurate data. For this i would run separate sensors, or use something else rather than innovate (not the best systems built down to a price - oil pressure sensor is not a good sensor, old tech). Using a digispark which is a tiny arduino, and here's my code:
  8. Is there is an easy way to do this? Can someone give me some pointers? And can we add this as a feature? Like a graph you can customize the axis to popular compressor map styles like Garrett, Borg warner, etc and then use the compressor map image where we can stretch manually to fit under the points?
  9. It's been a long time since the last firmware update.. Are we getting something soon with maybe some of the requested features?
  10. Well i am thinking the same - it is either one of the 2..my idea is to datalog the voltage at the fuel pump to see if i have a noticeable drop - both could be an issue in the end though
  11. Hello. If you remember i added a fuel pressure sensor recently and i am running differential fuel pressure compensation on the injectors. Under WOT conditions you can see that fuel pressure starts falling from about 46-48psi base fuel pressure to 40psi and even spikes up to 52psi during the gear change. Injectors are ID 1050X, 8mm fuel lines, new fuel filter, oem fuel rail (ca18det), and adjustable fpr (unknown brand, very similar to SARD design - not the copy one though, this one is riveted). Fuel pump is Walbro 255lph HP version running on the stock nissan wiring (15A fused - stock is 10A - heard there is a measurable voltage drop in our cars). What i am wondering is this 12psi fluctuation range typical of what do you normally see, should i be worried, or is there any point of limitation in the fuel system? From the data you can see fuel flow at fuel load is 2L/min=120lph, this pump can do this flow at 90psi @12V, whereas the fuel pressure i have is much less. I am thinking the adjustable fuel pressure regulator is the "issue", too small, with too small diaphragm. What are your thoughts?
  12. Yes indeed, tested it later in the afternoon, everything works as expected
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