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  1. So i've basically done a complete conversion on a JDM EVO 8MR with a PnP Link G4+. Did some basic tuning and everything is mostly OK. It's based on the base map provided to save some time. The engine has an aftermarket Magnus intake manifold and a Boomba 75mm TB. It has integrated "manifold" for the factory IAC valve but no fine idle screw adjustment. It has only a set screw that sets the closed position of the throttle body butterfly valve. IAC has been replaced with a NEW genuine Mitsubishi factory IAC valve (evo 9 style with exposed spring) as after i borrowed a known working one i noticed the existing one was not traveling the same range (since i know it got stuck at some point and was unjammed after i cleaned it). Now with the new valve and base map settings for it i have an oscillation. I know it's caused by the ISC settings (closed loop) since i can see it in the runtime values and if i disconnect the valve idle is smooth. Setting base bypass was done before by removing the IAC and jamming a rag in to set the min idle airflow. This should be set 50-100rpm below the desired idle value. I've noticed this engine wants to idle a little higher to be smooth due to the cams and cam adjustment used. Now i just need an example procedure on how i can tune these settings before i quit and run open loop instead lol. I have lots of questions. Example when the ISC is reset (on key off) does it close the passage fully, open the passage fully, or goes to a set step position? If i want to disable the control and set the ISC fully closed so i can set the base idle adjustment how can i do it? If i knew the position (my question above) i can maybe just disconnect it before starting the engine and set it that way. Please point me to the right direction
  2. TnF

    G4+ and CDI settings question

    Alright, makes sense, cheers
  3. Ok lovely then thanks
  4. I basically wired an aftermarket IAT through the OEM IAT pin (aka through the factory MAF connector) but i see there is no pull-up option. I haven't tested it yet, but i am assuming it doesn't have one and i'll either have to pull-up externally or re-wire to An Temp 2 which has pull-up selection, correct? Thanks
  5. I have installed a Link G4+ ecu into a friend's EVO. It has a M&W ignition system (Pro-12) installed. From the manual it says: CDI performance is not affected by changes in dwell settings! M&W CDI systems may reduce ignition delay requiring a reduction in timing. The resulting changes in combustion characteristics may also require alterations to fuel flow. Always set ECU ignition delay to zero and re-tune both fuel and timing curves after installation! So from what i understand, as soon as the Spark edge falls it triggers the transistor inside the CDI box, thus we can say "Ignition Delay" under "Ignition Main" can be set to 0 or very close to. Of course i can follow the calibration procedure as well to confirm this. Now what i'm not 100% certain is that under my "Dwell Control Table" i need to have some basic fixed value, otherwise it is not possible to have a falling edge. Is my reasoning correct? Kind regards
  6. Yes i meant CAN not OBD sorry;p I was really tired, the whole wiring and installations on the car are a mess, just finished and preparing a base map. I'll see if my friend wants to keep it and i'll try to see if i can get it to work Thanks for the help.
  7. I'm fixing an EVO my friend bought with a Motec M800 and other goodies and i'm swapping him to a Link G4+ xtreme pnp ecu. The car has already a Motec SLM unit which connects and works via OBD: https://www.motec.com.au/ac-sl-slm/sl-slm-ov/ Did you reverse engineer/have the parameters needed to make it talk with the Link ecu so that we can have at least some basic functionality? Kind regards
  8. TnF

    USB-C to USB3.0 adapter?

    oh nice. Some hardware are a little picky with new interfaces that's why i am asking
  9. TnF

    USB-C to USB3.0 adapter?

    Hello guys. Are there any issues connecting a USB-C computer via a USB3.0 adapter to a link g4+? If not, any adapter will do? Planning on installing a windows tablet in the car and can be used for several things unlike obd2.
  10. Just an update to this, the solution was to move to a more flowing FPR, i used Turbosmart FPR 800 to have a stable +-1psi fuel pressure. The issue is with a restrictive FPR all the flow from the pump increases head pressure so the base fuel pressure you set is higher than when you have less fuel returning. Either way best to use a fuel pressure sensor as i have now as well and have the ecu compensate (assuming you have injector flow data for each voltage and pressure)
  11. Ok, got a reply to this thread today..Bob replied to the thread but apparently you deleted it? We've been waiting for updates for more than a year and there's nothing..
  12. interested as well..it's been more than a year..
  13. Can we at least get info on when we should finally expect a new FW?
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