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  1. Hi all on my r33 gtr rb26dett How can I double check my 2nd fuel pumps cut in injector duty please Also how can i increase the coolant warning, I think currently it warns me with the check engine light at 100c which is to low for the hot weather Thanks in advance all atest-gtr.pclr
  2. Re-did all my wiring etc and added the cap but had no luck, today I swapped out the sensor and now it is all working, it needed all the power wiring sorted anyways and I have left the cap in so hopefully now it all stays working
  3. Switched out actual sensor today and is now working , will post a log up for you in a bit Thanks for all the help, at least I got all decent wiring etc running there now as well Uploaded log to my Google Drive here as I don't have any space left on the thread for uploads https://drive.google.com/open?id=10vuPvfWhPcwv-wVLWtquA_ZmPBnqB6QV I have an issue with my A/C where it stalls the engine, it would be near the start of the log, not sure if that is related or how I could remedy that as well Thanks again Adam
  4. I know you mentioned in the other thread about it being a faulty unit, but remember I fitted the new unit so right now there is a brand new one in there I have got the capacitor so will connect that to test, if it ever stops raining in the UK....
  5. What size deutsch pins are they please, going to redo mine as well
  6. Tested with the jumper pack today, still same error 16 and 33 I've ordered a 22uf capacitor to give that a try as well
  7. Yeah I just was having a search and it seemed like the exact same error so was going to see how he resolved it Interesting, I will look into this, going to connect direct to a battery jump pack for now Hmm I might give this a try as well since it seems to have worked for you
  8. Yeah power is now direct from battery via relay and I replaced the wires going to the CAN Lambda with 14awg Nothing unusual, battery is in original location I have one of these jump starters which I could connect the wires to and run it in the car to test NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12V UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B015TKUPIC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_w2l-BbPEYM8GH
  9. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, I think I am in a similar scenario to yourself as am getting the same errors. How did you end up wiring it in the end to resolve it and what kind if lengths were your +/- cables ? Thanks in advance
  10. Was unable to check yesterday as was raining all day so couldn't pull apart All blocks are now green in the CAN tab and in the ECU status tab it shows CALIBRATION but showing error 16 and 33 under "lambda 1 error", have a log but I don't have enough space to upload it so have linked to my Google drive https://drive.google.com/open?id=1N-qAqRcEqtmGs05HKuQLXJz276YgCEHa
  11. I'll check tomorrow when I pull it all back out
  12. Yup went direct to battery and fitted the relay, before putting it all back tested it and all blocks were green on CAN 1, started engine still all green, switched off engine, exited software, reloaded software, switched it all back on and still all green Put it all back together and now same red errors Really appreciate how helpful you guys are
  13. So I boxed it all up and put it back together and now the error is back :/ I wonder if there is some EMI, I have ordered some copper sleeving and will pull it apart again tomorrow and see if the error goes away
  14. I want to make sure that I keep the good current coming directly from the battery, if I wire in a relay to work with ignition on the 14 gauge wire I have used directly from the battery will that be ok, or will it cause interference again or power up issues ?
  15. So connected directly to power and this is what the runtime values shows for CAN The lambda is still not showing a value restarted ecu and now Ok, fitted a brand new CAN Lambda, kept the old sensor and connected it up, disabled the gaugeart dash on CAN 2 and now am Green, but still not showing an AFR reading in the software in the lambda box, added log as well Log 2018-11-18 2;16;50 pm.llg
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