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  1. lysaer

    R33 GTR Aircon on stalling

    Will do that today for you
  2. lysaer

    R33 GTR Aircon on stalling

    So I have been testing with different variables the last few days started at 5% then 6% up to 10% but still getting stalling when coming to a stop I stuck in 25% just to test it at standing idle and as soon as I turn on the AC it just dies. Wasn't sure how much over 10% I should go for driving or if there is somewhere else I should be looking at resolving this Thanks again in advance
  3. lysaer

    R33 GTR Aircon on stalling

    Brilliant will give that a shot and report back
  4. lysaer

    R33 GTR Aircon on stalling

    Hi all Car is running fine except when I turn on the A/C it drops revs and has a tendency to stall either while idle or coming to a stop any input would be greatly appreciated, I have attached a copy of my latest PCLR and can take a log if needed Thank in advance all r33_gtr_march_2018_oil_pressure_enabled.pclr
  5. lysaer

    r33 gtr traction control

    Hi there I am looking at setting up the traction control with my Link g4+ on my r33 gtr, I was wondering if I would need to wire each wheels ABS sensor to the ECU with an XS loom I currently also have Do-Luck DTM II installed, will that have any negative affect on the traction control from the ECU or will it work harmoniously Thanks in advance all
  6. lysaer

    Windows tablet power from USB?

    Will the ECU USB output enough ampage to charge the tablet while in use? A standard USB 2 port outputs 500ma and a USB 3 outputs 900ma, I would imagine the tablet to need about 1.2amps+ in order to charge it while the screen is on or the tablet is being used
  7. lysaer

    r33 gtr oil temperature enable

    Ahh ok So would I need a replacement sender installed ? I think I must have one because I think at one point it was working I think possibly it might be this one https://www.rhdjapan.com/hks-camp-2-i-f-option-parts-temperature-sensor.html Because when I had the camp 2 installed it definitely showed oil temperature Just an update, my engine builder said he think he put a defi sender in there, so what settings would I need for that please thanks in advance
  8. lysaer

    r33 gtr oil temperature enable

    Hi All I have a Gaugeart box hooked up to an LCD to show data from my ECU for my r33 GTR I have managed to get most sensors setup and working but for some reason I cannot get oil temperature to display, I am not sure if I need to enable it somewhere in the ECU or if it is enabled by default, since the r33 gtr comes with an analog display oil temp sensor originally installed in the dash I have an oil pressure sensor hooked up which is working fine. Have attached a copy of my PCLR Thanks in advance r33_gtr_march_2018_oil_pressure_enabled.pclr
  9. lysaer

    rough idle won't rev properly r33 gtr

    Sorted, fuel pump fuse and holder have melted lol, so pump wasn't coming on
  10. lysaer

    rough idle won't rev properly r33 gtr

    Could that be a bad hose from the rail to the fuel pressure regulator ?
  11. lysaer

    R33 gtr g4+ wheelspeed gaugeart

    For future reference if anyone else has this issue set function to LF wheel speed
  12. Hi all Jumped in my car today to take it for a drive and the car has a seriously rough idle which then cuts out and when I try to rev the engine it struggles to get above 4k and just keeps backfiring. I pulled the plugs and they were pretty black so swapped for brand new ones but the foul within the first couple of starts and have the same issues. The car was running fine last time I drove it a week ago with no issues at all. I have attached a log file and my current map Thanks in advance Log 2017-11-24 2_10_11 pm.llg r33_latest_november_17.pclr
  13. lysaer

    R33 gtr g4+ wheelspeed gaugeart

    Cheers @Adamw will go and try that now!
  14. lysaer

    R33 gtr g4+ wheelspeed gaugeart

    Hi all How do I enable the wheelspeed over CAN out so that it displays on my gaugeart LCD All other sensors are showing fine, oil temp, oil pressure, water temp, boost, battery etc Thanks in advance
  15. lysaer

    OBD2, Dash2pro and Gaugeart on same CAN

    Ok great, so long as there is absolutely no possible chance it could interfere or slow down my CAN lambda in anyways then I will do that Thanks again