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  1. Hi, i have done 2 cars. Mine A4 aeb & friends golf agu. I have an atom+ with external map & my friend a g4strom. You have to cut & paste your oem wiring (easy) you will need a map sensor (in case of monsoon you dont) & a wideband. The only problem is with the step throttle motor which link does not regognice our oem, but you dont care you will need it for 10sec on cold start on very cold days. Go for it!
  2. george

    20vt engine - maps

    Thanks. And if i know something i can help you with!
  3. george

    20vt engine - maps

    Does anyone have maps with 20vt big turbo setup??? i am very interesting to learn more from others tuners too...only 20vt engine!!! i would be grateful if you can send me your files. Thanks
  4. I should thank you too! I bought the same map too & fix the problem!
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