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  1. Hi all just need a bit of advice and guidance please. I have recently purchased the Link G4+ storm for my '95 Celica GT4 ST205 on the advice of some members and admin. I am going to be buying a new android head unit for the car so I can get some apps to view gauges e.g.Torque. Now seeing as the car only has OBD1 capabilities and having read that you can configure the CAN BUS to have an OBD2 output I was thinking what would would; 1) be a good android head unit e.g. Pumpkin head unit as they use Bluetooth and wifi and relatively cheap. 2) what would be the best OBD2 reader/transmitter (Bluetooth or wifi) with any examples for most accurate real time data streaming 3) be the best app to show me some gauges e.g. Boost, intake temp, oil temp, AFR, knock, coolant temp etc. 4) the best cables to use to convert the CAN BUS to OBD2 and how to go about it. Just a quick mention the ecu is located behind the centre console on the floor so would only be about 30cm from head unit max incase i need to wire in any resistors or not as I don't think I would need a long cable as OBD2 reader/transmitter would be right there to connect to the head unit. Thank you in advance
  2. Hi all just looking for a bit of information. First off a bit of background to my questions. I have a Toyota Celica ST205 GT-FOUR and it decided that it wanted to over heat and crack cylinder 3. It's now having a forged build and I am going to by the G4+ atom to run it. I am looking at a few extra things to help protect it like a wideband O2 sensor and Knock detection/controll so my question is - does the G4+ atom allow me to use any aftermarket wideband and Knock controll with it? And which ones could anyone recommend? I was looking at the Innovate Motorsport LC1 wideband but not sure on a knock controll device. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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