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  1. Rather than start a new topic, I'll ask here. Should I expect to see up to 3 degrees of LH exhaust cam position change when revving from 1200rpm to 2000rpm. I've done the cam angle test and it's showing between 159 - 163 as the lowest number. Is it an issue that it's wondering? log and tune attached. subaru run 3.llg 17 07 19 subaru new injectors & vvti set up.pclr
  2. Unless someone has come up with a solution, looks like I need to change the crank sprocket/trigger as wildwestaussie1 found out in the below (few laughs to be had in there, of him bagging everyone trying to help).
  3. I note there was a concern raised in the below topic about the matching of V1 crank trigger pattern with V10/11 quad AVCS heads. Could anybody confirm if this is going to be an issue running V3/4 crank trigger with V10/11 quad AVCS heads?
  4. I found it happens when flicking the medium boost switch also, but not the high boost switch (also happens when the WM solenoid activates). low/medium/high+WM is on a 3 way switch, so WM is not the only thing causing the freezing in logging. And yes it is PC logging only, this is both ecu and pc at the same time and me flicking the switch back and forth (bottom you can see the linear AFR's from the pc log): https://drive.google.com/open?id=12giK3etxj4fSMw27OotCOcZ9pVrWjcn2 Would it be worth testing another PC?
  5. Sorry, 0.7amp draw after re checking the solenoid's Spec's. I could wire the solenoid through a SSR but figured it was unnecessary due to low draw. I'll do an ECU log tonight and report back to see if it has the same affect.
  6. Hi all Has anyone seen a Lag or Freeze in logging data like the below? (clearly visible where everything flat lines for around 1 second before unrealistically jumping 1k rpm or 30% idc) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YXMsvvHNLX_3M3WdGF5wqokXmlFjgANe It only happens on the highest boost setting (of 3) when I have water/meth active and it happens right before the WM actives. Other 2 boost settings show no issues. I am wondering if it’s to do with the current the water/meth solenoid is drawing, the prometh solenoid is listed as a 3amp draw so I’ve wired the earth direct to the ECU and it’s controlled via a PWM output. I am wondering if this would cause the logging to freeze? The car doesn't stumble or reflect what's in the logs. Cheers in advance
  7. Sorted with those settings and an Android 6 phone, cheers
  8. Mint thank you, will have a try later today and let you know. I have a couple of phones to test, with android 7 or android 6
  9. Will try with an older phone, I've been trying with an s8 and kiwi 3 Do the data channel settings have effect on obd? I can get obd car doctor free and obd auto doctor working with ISO 15764-4 on can 2, user defined 250mbit/s, channel 1 generic dash 2 @ 20hz or 10hz, can id 1000, normal. Strange thing is, it won't connect automatically, I need to keep hitting apply settings (which appears to clear the can errors) before it will connect.
  10. Thanks for the reply, bugger was hoping you might have found a answer. For me Torque won't connect while other apps will.
  11. Hyperblade, did you have any luck getting torque to work with the Android 7?
  12. I am going to do some testing once it's in the car for duty vs actual flow vs flow sensor reading, as in the IDC vs map table I've assumed the duty/flow relationship is linear, which likely isn't the case.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply, sorry about the following novel. Rough diagram attached, Current thoughts are: On/off switch turns the whole water meth system on - pump on, and switches fuel, timing and boost maps (either 4/5d, overlay or dual maps). The (recirculation) pump primes when the on/off switch is turned on, then turns on over Xkpa 100?. Solenoid is active over 100kpa but duty is 0 until 120kpa, then based on IDC vs Map (I've calculated a table based on wanting 20% of 50/50 mix compared to fuel amount). Sensor is: 0.25-2.5L/Min Hall Effect Water Flow Sensor Flow Range 0.25-2.5L/Min Working Voltage & Current DC 3V-18V, 10mA Rated Voltage DC 5V Pulse Duty Factor 50 % High Level of Pulse Output >4.5V Low Level of Pulse Output <0.5V I've calibrated the sensor to g/s based on water mass. Unfortunately if the sensor doesn't actually read below 0.25l/min (roughly 4g/s) it won't read anything until roughly 35-40% IDC (5000rpm,200kpa ish), But if it gets to 40% IDC and there is no flow detected then I want it to switch the maps back, rpm cut or similar. Is a possibility 4d/5d map based on the flow? therefore if no flow the map doesn't change. Issues being the high reading sensor, and boost map isn't switched via flow (but could be via virtual aux?) I'm open to adding a pressure sensor or other suggestions too.
  14. Hi all, wondering if this had made any advances? Or has anyone found a way to activate an off switch/limit based on a flow sensor? (considering the injection needs to start before any flow will be detected)
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