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  1. Hi JMP, Thanks for further info but I'm taking the others easier route which add another ECT. All those complicated issue solved for now.
  2. Thank you to both Scott & JMP on the advise. JMP, does this means I would still get cold reading even I rewire it as Scott suggestion, just to reconfirm because I haven't have time to redo it. I guess it would be easier to install a separate ntc temp sensor. That would solve all my hassle. yes I'm sure will replace NB with WB sensor.
  3. Hi Scott, After use base map from JMP, the engine much smoother now but I'm still getting rich reading from NB oxy sensor even after adjust it to leaner setting. One thing I notice, my temp meter always read cold when using G4 ecu but back to normal if after swap back to oem ecu. I wire to oem ntc temp sensor without any pull up. Could that be the reason the oem ecu get wrong temp reading think the engine still cold all the time. The idle Always on high side. Please advise. Thanks you.
  4. Hello JMP, I can't view the setting, which version of pclink you using? Error: The ECU is too old for this software version! (viewing as .pcl file) When i change it to (.pclr), it prompt: Unable to open file named: JYU1ZZ12032016.pclr It has been encrypted to an ECU and can only be opened when that ECU is connected. Do i need to use older version of PClink to view it. Thank you
  5. yes, the oem ecu still controlling VVT, yes the engine use idle solenoid and oem ecu is control it. can atom control VVT ? Sorry for newb question. Hi JMP, i will give it a try, currently is running NA, in couple months it will be turbo. Thank you Scott & JMP for your swift response
  6. Hello, I'm using G4 atom for 1zz-fe engine. I can't find any base map, apreciate to anyone could share it to me. Aside above, I'm using G4 atom to control fuel & ignition. Others analogue input using stock sensor. Vvt-I control by oem ecu. Currently still having rough idle. Do I need to wire Digital input 1 & 2 to VVT signal? Thank you. Jimmy.
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