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  1. Hi Scott, just wondering more about this, is the plug available to buy from somewhere? I already have the obd2 adapter
  2. I ended up just going with a g4+
  3. Is there anyway i can contact you direct?
  4. Left socket has 13 top and 13 bottom Middle socket has 8 top 8 bottom Right socket has 11 top and 11 bottom Does the ecu need to be linked up to the pc link for the first fire up in a new car?
  5. Its on the centre of inlet, but the ecu isn't from the car i got it in
  6. Are you talking about the pins on the ecu or the car ecu plugs?
  7. I'll count them up tomorrow and get back to you
  8. Or is there a picture/schematic of the pinout on the ecu possum link. 3 plug ecu for a subaru
  9. codyjesen

    ECU not firing

    I've gotten to the stage where im trying to fire my car up now. The ecu isnt firing up, do i have to reset it or something for the first start?
  10. I'm up in whangarei
  11. Wondering if there's any hand controllers out there for sale for a G1 link?
  12. Will i need to run a wideband oxy sensor to keep an i on my afr?
  13. Yea ive already downloaded those, im meaning more along the lines of line the factory ecu pinouts as to what is on each wire line
  14. is there a ecu help file or something. not the manual that there is
  15. I got a 96 subaru legacy running a v4 motor. yellow injectors, vf28 and internal wastegate has been welded off and going to run an external
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