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  1. Question: I understand that the base tune for the MINI Cooper is based on a Stock JCW tune, is this accurate? If so how close is the base tune? I bought another MINI and it is STOCK, except for a 15% pulley and a header, can I install the ECU, Can WideBand/Lambda Sensor and the base tune and drive the car to the tuner?
  2. Getting pretty close now - got the 440cc injectors and I made up the harness for the CAN Lambda
  3. AdamW Thank you for the reply. I want to make sure that I understand correctly and that I am doing the best install I can. I drop the MINI+ ECU in the MINI, wire in the CAN Wideband using the CAN connection wire to the MINI+ board. I can put an OBDII factory connector on the end of the chain. Set the ECU to the correct communication speed so that it can talk to the Bluetooth dongle on the OBDII connector to talk to the Garmin Camera. Will the ECU transmit the data to the Bluetooth? Speed, RPM etc. Can I power the CAN Wideband from the ECU OBDII port 12v power? If
  4. AdamW I just got another MINI and I ordered (and received) a new Link ECU MINI+. I also ordered and got the Link CAN Wideband (with the Can to JST Connector and Field Install-able CAN cable). I like SnowMansGarage would like to connect my Factory OBDII port on the MINI so I can use my Bluetooth Data and camera setup, how would I wire in the Wideband to interface with the cars CAN/OBDII data and the wideband? Am I able to just tag on the lines or does it need to be its own CAN connection?
  5. Scott I sent the files via email
  6. Question: I have my unit installed. But the AC is not working correctly - the G+ shows it calling for AC, but its not turning on the compressor. The AC worked perfect before with the stock ECU. Fan turns on and all other speed controls work but not the AC Compressor does not do anything. Once in a while it will turn on for about 20 secs and then stop. This is a very important function as I live in Florida its hot as hell and rains all the time, so driving in the heat with fogged up windows is unacceptable.
  7. I would like to see a pre-configuration for the Zeitronix WideBand Gauges: http://www.zeitronix.com/ The Z3-2 and the Zt-3 (which are basically the same device).
  8. Scott Today, I took the car to another tuner / mechanic. The tuner started work on the car with the vipec installed and he knew there was a problem. With some basic trouble shooting we found out that the ignitor for cylinder(s) 2/3 was not working. When I got home I opened the ECU up to remove the AUX cable, and I notice almost immediately that one of the transistors was not mounted correctly. So I sent in emails and posted on the vipec facebook page. I got nothing back from the emails, and I got a dumb ass reply on Fb that something is 'drawing to much current'. This thing has never work
  9. Scott Let me start by saying thanx for the quick response. I have run into another problem, the tuner and seller of the Vipec has starting tuning the car. It now sounds and runs like absolute shit (sounds like 3 cylinders). So I took the ViPec out and put the stock ECU back in the car, the car starts and runs fine, I did this to make sure that something is not wrong with the car/engine. After establishing this, I then put the ViPec back and reset it to stock, and then loaded the R53 ViPec Base Tune on the ECU, it starts and runs like shit again, which was not the case when I started this pr
  10. Scott Tonight we got to trying to tune the car some, I am using a Zeitronix Zt-3 Wideband, there is not a default configuration for this WideBand. I have it connected to An10 (Brown Wire) the information provided by Zeitronix is as follows: Zt-3Inputs/Ouputs Signals Range Bosch Wideband O2 Sensor Lamda 1.43 to 0.64 Analog Wideband Output Signal (configurable Voltage vs AFR) Analog Output 0-5v How should I
  11. OK new questions as I have my unit in hand and I am getting it all setup, so here are my questions. FIRST: I am looking for a US Dealer for some accessories, but each time I click USA under the DEALER Listings on the main ViPEC.com Page it ask me for a Login and Password. But I dont have one nor is there a provision to request one. Lets fix this! Second: I want to wire in the CAN lines, it seems the best way to do this is to use the PCB to CAN cable (Part # CANPCB) and the Can Extension (Part # CANEXT) - So I can cut the end off the extension and wire the CAN Hi and CAN Lo in to the OBDII c
  12. I just bought my i88, and its on it way to me. I have a couple questions about retaining some of the Factory Function of my MINI. I have the following features that I would love to retain: Chrono Pak GaugeAir ConCruise ControlI understand that the AirConditioning will still work with the auto Control setup (which is in my car), is this correct? Cruise Control - Is there a way to use the factory buttons on the Steering Wheel? Is there going to be an update that will make the Chrono Gauges work? The car is a full build: Block from the 2006 MINI Cooper SCrank – Factory (but machined and polis
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