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  1. We have the car running perfectly now. However still no trigger scope. Scope SHOULD work while cranking the engine and connected and logging to the ecu.
  2. So i got the owner to log the voltages and the 3.3 internal is not above 3.3 volts. I'll see if he can post the log here.
  3. We will try this tonight. So internal ecu issue? (or software?)
  4. Just to update this thread the car is running and idling with no trigger errors.
  5. Ok the reason is because on a LC1 the YELLOW WIRE IS THE 0-1V narrow band by default. Get a USB to serial (RS232) converter (a decent one) and download the logworks software and LM-programmer and re-program the analog 1 (YELLOW) to be 0v =7.35, 5v=22.39 http://www.innovatemotorsports.com/support.php OR just plug the BROWN WIRE into the ecu lambda 1. http://www.innovatemotorsports.com/support/manual/LC-1_Manual.pdf Make sure you have wired the SENSOR ground to the SENSOR ground of the link. DO NOT just join the power ground and sensor ground wires together from the LC-1. P.S Do a free air calibration with the sensor pulled out of the exhaust
  6. Thanks Simon, I'm glad it's not user error at our end. I had a couple of tuners also say to me they can't get Xtreme G4+ Red to scope either. Hopefully you find the issue as we still need to fire this engine up and don't have a scope handy. Cheers
  7. Thanks for clearing this up Scott! Good stuff. So far we have calibrated triggers and have it firing at TDC consistently. However link scope still doesn't work at all. (Are you SURE the early red xtreme ecu supported the scope triggers function?) ecu version should be in the attached map and log. cheers
  8. Cheers for the relay advice b3tuning. I didn't wire the car, I am just helping a friend with initial start up. Andre Simon also confirmed they are a 2 AMP limit for Aux high drive. I did get the owner to measure current draw when firing the solenoid which was 0.6AMPS *2 is well under the current limit but i'll leave that up to the owner. Will post when we figure why link won't scope (the fact it logs RPM and cycles SURELY means we are seeing both triggers with no errors)
  9. Yep as per the first map and log posted Thanks Scott, we will ocntinue scoping with an actual scope to set trigger arming. Then try ecu reset and reload map. Regarding AUX 5 current limits... Although I can't find anywhere in the PC Link guide that specifies current limit for aux it does say that you can wire a vtec solenoid directly to Aux5,6,7 or 8 without a relay. This taken from the G4 PDF manual
  10. Right I'm with you, so firmware stays with ecu. cheers (still we have no trigger scope with newest firmware and I created a new map from the xtreme black map and setup triggers and arming to match) getting rpm and cycles and no trigger errors. But scope only captures 0.17V max which is just noise.... trying with an actual scope soon
  11. Thanks for the quick replies. Hmmm so effectively the firmware is actually tied to the map file which stored in the ecu at the time of Firmware update. I can update the firmware on a map stored in the ecu from 5.1.1 to 5.6.4 I can then upload an old saved map to the ecu which is on older firmware 5.1.1. The result is the ecu and map now reports old 5.1.1 firmware again. Sounds like Firmware is tied to maps NOT ECU. If it was tied to the ECU and remained in the ecu then when you attempted to open an old map the PCLink software could say something like "You have opened a map on older firmware then your ECU is running, would you like to upgrade this map to match ECU firmware"
  12. Sure has. (I think you can see that info in the attached log? Maybe not...) I'll go around to the owners house and copy my map over. Update firmware again then save the map, STORE etc. Start a log and crank then i'll upload here again if I have trouble. QUESTION: Updating firmware while you have a map open: Does this FIRMWARE update also update the map file you have open? I.E. If I update the Link FIRMWARE then I open an old map file it will be on older firmware right? So FIRMWARE is tied to a map file NOT the ECU?
  13. Exactly! I thought surely i'm not the only one! It's sooooo much quicker this way to get a nice fuel curve at all load zones. I can tell tuners who don't do this when i look at their maps in 2D. A complete MESS But then do you go on to use open loop Target lambda also? Modelling fuel I am not sure I can use as I just don't have all the exact variables it calls for. Got the owner to follow the firmware update video. Firmware updated still no scope (max voltage on both triggers 0.17V (just trigger noise) I'll have to have a play with this. Possibly create a new basemap from scratch and try
  14. Cheers Scott I'll graph up the attached map using 2D then post a 3D PClink map of the same data
  15. These are VERY old screen shots from Hondata but you get the idea. First pic shows a badly tuned map (you would struggle to see this quickly in 3D mode) (purple line at the bottom is low map kPa, top green line is high map kPa load full throttle) Second pic shows fuel curves tidied up. I use the software below where you can see your Raw values AND the graph at the same time (as you can in PCLINK just not quite with the graph I am after)
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