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  1. Yup exactly, except when using a 1:1 converter when the 4wd Ecu expects 2:3 results in MORE TPS voltage... ill measure with a multimeter. link guys know else they wouldn’t have made the dip switch, I’m waiting for their guru input.
  2. Regarding the TPS output sensor that Haltec offers, did you notice it Specifically says for R34? I assume its a 1:1 TPS output scale. https://www.haltech.com/product/ht-038001-nissan-attesa-4wd-tps-adaptor/ R32/33 seem to input to the 4WD ECU at a scale of 2/3 or so the Link manual states this? I assume when using a scale of 1:1 then the 4WD ECU of the R32 will see MORE TPS voltage than it usually would for a given throttle angle. Unsure the effects of this, but maybe MORE is sent to the front wheels than normally would be? What say you Link Gurus?
  3. Agreed its hard to tell just from that screen shot, and in the values you are looking at (less than 1 second) its not fluctuating much. I'll get the owner to review this post.
  4. Ok cool so all our settings are correct then. No dice... its getting power and ground, plus its wired correctly. I asked him about the gap which is says is correct. Starting to look like failed sensor He could use the AEM EPM but thats giving rubbish readings also; its been sent back to AEM but they state nothing wrong with it.... Its a 24-1 optical sensor I believe. I guess he REALLY needs to scope the output from it (can't on G4 plugin correct?) This is with engine idling stable but RPM all over the place. (at higher RPM it jumps 1000rpm!)
  5. Also should pullup be ON and edge falling? Tried both combos but nothing. Car is running on the AEM EPM trigger, hmmmm
  6. " (Honda use the signal inverted to what we do)" hah, i think honda use it inverted to how EVERYONE else does it. Hmmmm thats a curve ball then if you changed the pinout to reverse the signal. Ok he has put it back to B16 and B12, still nothing. However he hooked up his old AEM EPM which is a bit faulty (causes RPM spikes and issues) But he sees RPM now. starting to look like its the T1 trigger..
  7. Hi there, helping a friend with a B18C Integra link G4 plug in. He has fitted a T1 Race developments Cam trigger setup (used to have an AEM EPM but it failed and gave issues) http://help.t1racedevelopment.com/support/solutions/folders/4000002167 His Trigger 1 setup is Hall/Optical: Filtering =LOW Pullup=ON Trig1 edge=falling Multi-Tooth position=cam Tooth Count=12 Trigger 2 is the same but cam pulse 1x While logging (with injectors disabled) he gets ZERO RPM and no trig errors. I have got him to post me pictures of the wiring and the trigger 1 (crank) goes to
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