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  1. Thanks for this method, what I did on several occasions is to install some previous version of PC Link and I could update the ECU
  2. Thanks Dave, the problem was the cam sensor that was displaced. With the Atom I could not do scope and I had to connect an xtreme to verify the signal. It is an impreza 06-07 NA with swap to ej205, I made custom engine wiring using wrx/sti coils. Regards!
  3. Hello, are there trigger settings for this configuration? Crankshaft 6 teeth and camshaft as the image, it is for subaru ej20
  4. Open a G4 file in a G4+ ECU online and it will become Regards!
  5. Hi, to use the Link software as Dash in the next update you could remove the outer frames of the watches and always be in front. This way it could be configured similar to a Motec or other Dashboards The Dial gauge RPM could also be improved with a more "Racing" look I attach an example
  6. Sorry I forgot to look at the firmware and bring the v6.4.4 I thought I would have the latest firmware version when I received Ecu it yesterday. Regards!
  7. I have the same problem with DI4, It will be solved soon or I use DI3 that I have free?
  8. At standstill with engine running or at low speed the IC is heated by the engine and will have fuel corrections. One option would be the condition of exceeding 30km/h to make corrections. Regards
  9. Work correctly with DH61 ALS adjustment
  10. OK, thanks so I will try to do it with DH61 from 2jz because I have it here... will update with news when do it
  11. Hello need help with setup of link g4+ storm on a 7MGTE Engine using stock igniter. The engine starts but is not working properly, seems it only do spark on one cilinder when the engine used to do it in both at same time. Does anyone can see what I fail wiring or setting up? Does it worth use the stock igniter of 7MGTE or fit a DH61 from 2JZGTE VVTI? My setup nowadays is... NE to Trig1 G1&G2 to Trig2 IGT to Ign1 IGDA to Ign2 IGDB to Ign3 Trigger Scope
  12. windows tablet 8,9" Sunstech TAW895QCBTK dual port, USB and charging
  13. Why not use a windows table and link software https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXmmUjhMPGc
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