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  1. I can't get it to work without PMU, I tried 2 different ID
  2. Doing other jobs I did not have time, tomorrow I will try
  3. With PDM, on Monday I will test without PDM. I don't think it works and my CAN BUS level is null. I've only gotten one function per key and it has three.
  4. Working properly and neat
  5. Some news? I used the Toucan file and I have six CAN Di working with some errors.
  6. I have a Grayhill 5x4 opencan, I can test if you need to. This keyboard with Ecumaster PMU works
  7. Hello, it will be possible in the G4X to use the Grayhill keypad for Motorsport strategies activations, Boost target or boost levels, cruise control, etc. Without using PDM or Virtual Aux, Motec has this option with JRR Regards!
  8. Thanks for this method, what I did on several occasions is to install some previous version of PC Link and I could update the ECU
  9. Thanks Dave, the problem was the cam sensor that was displaced. With the Atom I could not do scope and I had to connect an xtreme to verify the signal. It is an impreza 06-07 NA with swap to ej205, I made custom engine wiring using wrx/sti coils. Regards!
  10. Hello, are there trigger settings for this configuration? Crankshaft 6 teeth and camshaft as the image, it is for subaru ej20
  11. Open a G4 file in a G4+ ECU online and it will become Regards!
  12. Hi, to use the Link software as Dash in the next update you could remove the outer frames of the watches and always be in front. This way it could be configured similar to a Motec or other Dashboards The Dial gauge RPM could also be improved with a more "Racing" look I attach an example
  13. Sorry I forgot to look at the firmware and bring the v6.4.4 I thought I would have the latest firmware version when I received Ecu it yesterday. Regards!
  14. I have the same problem with DI4, It will be solved soon or I use DI3 that I have free?
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