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  1. I have i88 that runs great. The idle and low load has room for improvement. Is there any reliable (desired results. guaranteed) remote tuning services that I can pay a reasonable fee to get them perfected? Thanks.
  2. say if i dont have enough pwm channels. Is there any other ways to drive it effectively?
  3. I am deleting my OEM belt driven water pump and Thermostats, replacing it with EWP150 Electric Water Pump soon and like to seek advise on how you would run yours? Using which function. This car is 70% track, 30% road use. Should I use one of the Aux channel to run PWM? Is it necessarily? Or should I use GP Output? But, how do I overcome the issue of it switching on/off when the temp is at switch over point? Using Timer?
  4. Thanks Simon. By upgrading it will introduce changes like new features and bug fixes. Is there any critical things that I should take note of that might damage the engine? Example: Turning off a new feature that will significantly adv the timing after a cond?
  5. Hi, I am using i88 with iVTS I am just wonder, as the help file says that only DI1 to DI6. But I an select Wheel Speed for up to DI8. Maybe the help file is outdated?
  6. With ref to below from help file. I am allowed to use 5 and 6 for my Wheel Speed. Is the help file wrong? ·Only Digital Inputs 1 to 4 can be used to measure engine position (used only for VVT Control).·Digital Inputs 1 to 6 can be used for frequency measurement (eg speed signals).·Digital Inputs 1 to 8 can be used for edge detection (eg Gear cut control clutch switch).·All digital inputs can be used for general purpose switching signals (eg A/C request). ·LF Wheel Speed - (DI1 to DI6 only) Hall and reluctor wheel speed signals·LR Wheel Speed - (DI1 to DI6 only) Hall and reluctor wheel speed signals ·RF Wheel Speed - (DI1 to DI6 only) Hall and reluctor wheel speed signals·RR Wheel Speed - (DI1 to DI6 only) Hall and reluctor wheel speed signals
  7. thanks I will try it this weekend.
  8. I have a 2ZZ-GE with DBW throttle. Recently built an engine with stage 3 cams. I need some help with getting better idling. Basically, with ISC running Closed Loop E Throttle and Idle Ignition Control set, I am able to get reasonable idling, except Idle Base Position being a bit high, suspect it is due to my cams. However, I have this problem where the rpm will drop to stall when I shut the throttle quickly. In other situations where I let it gently drop it will catch idle well and goes to the target rpm. Some pointers on where to look will be great.
  9. Bumping this up. Will both the retard add up?
  10. In case anyone is trying to do the same or something similar. AiM released a new feature. Now you can build your own CAN message. CAN DRIVER BUILDER The CAN Driver Builder is a utility included in RaceStudio3, intended for developing a software driver capable to read a CAN datastream coming from an ECU or a different device. The driver produced can be used on one of the following devices: MXG, MXS, MXL2, EVO4S, EVO5. http://www.aim-sportline.com/download/software/doc/CANDriverBuilder_100_eng.pdf
  11. Thanks Scott. Good idea but Oil Pressure is in use. Would i88 Knock(0-5v) be a better choice? I don't remember I have any Knock setup. I've also contacted AiM, hope that can create a proper MXL2 driver.
  12. I have my fuel level sensor connected to ViPEC i88 AN Volt 7 and setup the cal Table 1. How do I send this parameter to MXL2? I read about how to do CAN setup, but I can't seem to figure out at the MXL2 end. Anyone done this yet?
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