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  1. Explode64

    CAN IO Box

    Thanks, So I should be able to get a Haltech IO box or microsquirt for example and control digital outputs via can? Is link thinking about making an IO box?
  2. Explode64

    CAN IO Box

    I see that the G4+ can accept inputs via CAN on 3rd party devices, but is there a way to control outputs? The Plug in ECU is very limited My S6 rx7 unit only has 3 additional inputs and no GP outputs on the XS loom. Is a box like this something Link is looking at?
  3. Explode64

    Fuel Pump Control

    I am looking at running a Walbro 460LPH in tank fuel pump in my 1995 RX7. I don’t think the factory wiring and 2 speed set up will handle such a big pump. I want to keep the variable speed so am looking at running the 33/66/100 PWM control. Will a 25A solid state relay like this work or will I need a Fuel pump controller. Can any one recommend a relay to get?
  4. Hi Adam Thanks for the advice above. I got the ecu running and I got an error on AN5 under voltage, what min and max voltage should I have when setting up this input? I put in 0.5v and 4.5V I also got the same error for AN4 the factory 02 sensor. is this the sign of a dead sensor? My last error was AN2 Oil meter pump position sensor. Is the oil meter pump set up in the bse map? could this be the cause of the error? I didn't start the engine just unlocked the ecu, calibrate the TPS and MAP then loaded the modified base map. Any suggestions on why I may have got the errors?
  5. Thanks Adam Ill change those and give it a go.
  6. Hi I am setting up my G4+ RX7 s6 plug in for the first time. I am trying to adjust the base map to accommodate the changes I have made to my setup before I unlock the ECU and start calibrating as per the plug in manual https://linkecu.com/documentation/RX7S6+.pdf I am no longer using the fuel temp, instead I have changed this to Oil temp and using a bosch 0 280 130 026 sensor. I have changed AN3 to engine oil temp and selected STD Bosch NTC. Is this the correct calibration for this sensor? I am also running Honeywell 150 PSI Pressure sensors on AN5 and AN6 PX3AN2BH150PSAAX. Do I use CAL 4 to set this? The car is running 4x IGN-1A coils in direct fire. I have wired pin 87 to the rear leading coil. And set the ignition mode to Rotary leading direct. Where do I tell the ecu that the 4th ignition output is pin 87? Or is this done automatically? I see when I have the ignition set to Rotary leading direct that ignition 4 is locked but still says AC clutch with a padlock symbol. Also I have moved my AC relay from pin 87 to pin 52. I have changed injector driver 7 to AC clutch is this correct? The final big change is that the car now has 1000cc primary and 1650cc secondary injectors. Should the base may be ok to start the car and let it idle or will I need to adjust some other setting to prevent it from being too rich? My goal is to get the car idling before I take it to a dyno tuner so I can find any little issues now and not when it’s on the dyno and wont start or leaking oil etc Mazda RX7 Plug In Start up tune.pclr
  7. Sorry for dragging up an old thread. I see that on the S6 rx7 plug in ecu it is recommended to use the AC relay as a 4th ignition trigger (pin 87) when running direct fire. Can someone give me some recommendations on how I go about rewiring this? Do I need to run a new wire for the coil trigger from the ecu or use a now unused wire form the harness. If so which wire should I use? And where can I access this in the harness? Also after I unplug pin 87 (ac relay) can I just plug it into a free output? i.e PRC solenoid (pin 7) or CEL (pin 52) or are there any other suggestions?
  8. Im looking at the Ecotrons CAN Wideband. http://www.ecotrons.com/products/wideband-controller-alm-can/ When used with the Link Pug In ECU can the CAN system be used to control when the Ecotrons CAN Wideband controller starts to heat the sensor like the Link Wideband controller? Or will it just read the lambda off the CAN channel? I’m looking at systems that are CAN based but limit heat shock to the sensors
  9. Explode64

    G4+ S6 RX7 Plug In

    I made use of the RX7 plug in sale earlier this year as i'm building a single turbo RX7. Does the S6 plug in ECU control the “Purge Control Valve” which vents the charcoal canister into the inlet manifold? or is it uncontrolled and the solenoid is always closed? I don’t want to use up any of the additional outputs as I already allocated them to stuff
  10. Are the Brass pressure sensors in the link above any good for fuel pressure when running E85? or should the MLH stainless steel sensor be used?
  11. Scott How do people overcome this Aircon trigger voltage issue with a wire in ECU? Is a differential amplifier or voltage amplifier required to boost the AC signal? Or can it be run off a unused analogue input
  12. Scott What voltage will trigger a digital input? 12V? James
  13. Thank you Scott For the memory the S6 plug in is very limited with very few inputs/outputs.. Will there be any issues with the outputs either being high or low that don’t match the OEM wire loom. i.e triggering Relays to ground or +12? Also it is compatible with the factory sensors and trigger? Would it run the OMP?
  14. The link Kurofune looks to use 3 of the 4 AMP/TE connectors that are used on the factory FD RX7 loom. I know that the pin positions are different but is there any reason the Factory wire harness cannon be re pinned to plug into the Kurofune? I assume all it needs is the pins/wires to match the ECU outputs? (or swap a wire or two from big to small crimps) This seems like a straight forward task as I just replaced the plugs 3 weeks ago after a pervious owner destroyed the clips.
  15. Explode64

    CAN Channels

    Thanks I’ll have a look. Is there a recommended CAN I/O Module that works well with the Link G4+ to expand the number of inputs and outputs on their plug in ECU?
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