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  1. martinrag

    Audi S3 cruise control

    Thank you for the quick response. I see now that I've made the thread under G4+, but I am using a vipec i88 wire-in. This should have been made under vipec i-series I assume... I will try to source the different signals and pin them to my ECU. And then I can set the DI's to do what the button's on the stalk do, in PC Link?
  2. martinrag

    Audi S3 cruise control

    Hello I would like to wire in the original cruise in my car (2000 model S3). I had this retrofitted while on the original Motronic and worked like a charm. what inputs/outputs in the i88 would you recommend me using? The stalk is an original Audi piece with, ON/OFF, RES/increase speed (+), SET/decrease speed (-). Back when I had it installed, I used pin# 38, 57, 75 and 76 in the motronic. PS. I do not know which pin# in the ecu goes to what function on the stalk... is this essential for the wire-in? Thank you for any answers!