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  1. Hi Dave, Thanks for replying. I can't seem to open your file though, is it supposed to be a link to facebook? Would love to see what you've done on this Thanks,
  2. Very interested if anyone has this running with their LINK ECU already and how it looks etc.
  3. I would love to see what people have managed to display on a tablet (and how) from their LINK ECU. Planning on doing exactly this soon, but any examples would be excellent. cheers,
  4. Thanks guys. Going to do some more research and download PCLink to see how good I can make it "look" on a tablet screen. Will report back here as I think it's useful for others to know, especially if the solution is quite straight forward to get working. Thanks again,
  5. Many thanks Scott, very clear. One final question: How does the tablet connect to the ECU if I would like to use PC Link? Is it a simple USB? Thanks,
  6. Hi Scott, Good to get the views directly from you. So, just to be clear, can you advise how exactly these people are running these apps with your ECUs? I assume Rev is used by manually wiring in an OBD2 port and using a wireless reader/adapter? I assume PCLink is done slightly differently to a windows tablet? Can you advise? Lastly: When searching google I can see references to the G4 ECU but also the G4 "Extreme" ECU - this seems to have better connectivity to external devices - is this correct? Thanks again,
  7. thanks again for your help. Would be very interested to know once you have pictures/videos. Especially interested in which tablets you use (iPad?) and which software Thanks,
  8. Many thanks for the reply, it sounds interesting. So just to confirm, you manually wired an OBD2 plug into the ECU wiring harness? And then from here plugged a wifi/BT adapter? Which tablets/software do you run? Do you have any pictures/videos of it in action? (I thought it best to post here so others might benefit from the info) Thanks again,
  9. Dear all, In the next months I will be purchasing myself a new ECU, most likely a LINK Ecu. My aim is to install this, and then link some kind of tablet (ideally an iPad) to display the engine information (speed, rpm etc.) I wanted to try and find out a little more about what options I have, what others are doing and what I can realistically expect. I found a few threads on this, but all were very old. Am I correct in thinking that it is impossible for the ECU to expose an OBDII plug? Is anyone already running some kind of tablet setup in their car? If so, do you have any more information/images/videos?Any advise would be greatly appreciated Thanks,
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