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  1. whats the internet diagnosis from the results of the outlined procedure?? i'll try to send it away today. cheers.
  2. that is unfortunate. what is the turnaround time? and also what are possible issues with all these results? thanks.
  3. still nothing. no detection for ecu in either the tuning software or the firmware updater. no yellow triangles in any of the device manager usb or com ports.
  4. excellent thanks. will give it a shot as soon as its done.
  5. no aftermarket dash just the air temp sensor. also ive been installing pclink v5.5.7 i cant seem to find v5.6.1 anywhere. i just get a blank page. cheers.
  6. green led's are on the board. still no detection.
  7. also following the procedure outlined. i get through all that no prblems no errors come up. i got to device manager and COM port shows usb link no issues COM3. i have not looked at the top of the board for the green light but assume it works as the fuel pump primes when ignition is switched on.
  8. sweet. thats a massive relief. purchased new CUSB cable and arrived today. am i correct in assuming the CUSB is wired up as a host? as it detects the cable no problems but now says that it cannot detect the ecu. tried install and uninstall of all pclink version for g4 and new g4+ drivers. still nothing. at least i found out that the last tune was for 1000cc injectors. hence the no start. firmware updater cant detect ecu either. cheers.
  9. wow.... so im looking at at least another $500 all up? how long does the chip replacement take? hrs labour. cheers.
  10. thanks for the speedy reply scott. i honestly expected at least a day for a reply. i have tried these steps, but as soon as i plug the usb in powered or not. the laptop says usb device unrecognised code 43 malfunction.... is the repair service something you offer to keep the service life of these pricey units at the very least reasonable? or is it something i need to pay for? cheers. a USB chip failure is a manufacturers fault is it not? wether covered by yourselves or the chip manufacturer themselves. it is still a manufacturer fault. are you able to tell me the pin assignments on the board as well as the ltw connector? are the connections crossed anywhere before reaching the PC usb slot? i have never dealt with LINK although i have always liked what the product offers. i use powerfc and datalogit. ecu master EMU, greddy stuff, mines sard ecu's and the old haltech e11's and from the years of abuse those units took. never once have i come across a usb chip failure on an otherwise new unit. driven for a couple of months before i bought it. been in storage for the last three years. ecu seems fine though. fuel pump primes and most things function. just some coils not firing and this unable to read ecu from PC is making me want to bin this unit. i have plans for carpc in gtr screen surround to run the link tables and gauges as the interface is really nice and intuitive. i hope i still can. thanks.
  11. Mate. Ive tried all drivers and all pclinks. im only now just hearing that the USB chips are prne to fail on these units? is this correct and if so who do i send it to and what is the damage for the repair? provided its a manufacturer failure will link cover the cost for these g4's to have a useable service life? really need to have it looked at as i do not want to pay $80 for a 5 core cable thats only 200mm long. sorry for that last post i think my frustrations with this thing came through a little there.
  12. new to the forum and new link user. i have g4 pnp r34 gts grey plug ecu. i purchased the car in bits and it came with it. my problem is code 43. what are the pin outs from the usb header on the mainboard? are all 5 pins used or only 4 to satisfy usb requirements? should i install drivers and software from the original g4 stuff? thanks any help would be appreciated. i cant even find out what my serial number is.
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