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  1. Bumped up the MAP lockout figure and tightened up the idle ignition table and so far it is idling much better. Still plenty of room for improvement and I found quite a mismatch between the Idle ign table and main Ign table as shown below so seems there was always going to be a jump when transitioning between them. Appreciate your help
  2. Also these error timing adjustment values (attached) seem a bit soft to me but I have not tried any changes with these yet
  3. Thanks so much for the info guys, Actually yes it was originally hitting the the MAP lockout within idle ignition control @50kPa, I have upped it to 60 but may still be a bit close. Now I have a few directions to try I will see how I go. Appreciate you mention the idle target error +/- I notice it is explained in good detail in help and it did take me a minute to get my head around it. Basemap2.pclr
  4. Hello, I have attached a log file of a hot start showing a fluctuating idle speed before settling into a reasonable idle after around 10 seconds. I could only suspect incorrect idle ignition control settings. Idle control is on open loop, car runs an e throttle. If you could let me know what other information you would require please let me know. All new to me so hopefully the log file is acceptable. I can send a .pclr too if required. Thanks - Rob warm start 2.llg
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