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  1. Hey just wanted to see how to check what the timing has been set to using the pc link for link g4. If i go into the set base timing it says lock ignition timing to 0 and adjust offset -90 degrees. So does that mean it should be reading -90 degrees from 0? I dont want to change any settings on the computer as the car has already been tuned, but my CAS has been moved so i need to match my timing with whatever the tuner has set it to. Thanks
  2. Curtis

    Link ECU lost tune?

    Sorry just wanted to check im reading this right to check what timing should actually be. On the ign tab in runtime values I have Ign Angle ( BTDC ) at around 5 degrees and Ign Table 1 is around 17/18 degrees at idle warmed up. So when i check the timing it should be matching with these numbers ?
  3. Curtis

    Link ECU lost tune?

    Ah yes could probably be the CAS they did play around with it while testing stuff as well. And from memory I think all the temps were reading fine and TPS was working when i had the laptop plugged in. I'll read up some more on that help file too. Thanks for your help
  4. Curtis

    Link ECU lost tune?

    Hi so about a month ago my cut out on me and wouldnt start again. So i took it to the mechanic and they did some tests and found it was one of the wires for the coilpacks was shorting so got that fixed and it runs.Also put in a new coilpack loom cause the connecters on the other one were broken and taped up the coilpacks to stop it from missfiring in high revs. Car was also tuned about a couple months ago and running smoothly with no problems before this problem happened. Now when i drive im sure it feels a bit slower then what it use to be but it still runs the same boost levels it was tune
  5. Does anyone know what this fault code means : ECU Fault code 46 AN Temp 2 above error high value. And would this fault cause the car to not start eg: No spark something to do with the coils trigger pulse? The car is a R34 Gtt with an Rb25det and the ECU is G4 Storm top board . serial number 14037
  6. Just wondering which PC link to download as i seen there is a G4 + and G4 versions. I cant tell exactly what ECU i have as my car is at the mechanic and he told me it cant be scanned/diagnosed because it has a Link ECU and i would need the correct program for it. So i downloaded the one of the Link G4 PC link programs and went to plug it in to the ECU it came up with installing drivers said it was good to go so i went to grab the keys and when i came back my laptop was shut off and i couldn't start it up again. It said some error about the disk file segments then it was stuck on the black scr
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