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  1. Reece13

    SR20DET safe map

    Picked the car back up tonight after getting the wiring finished off and the only driving I will be doing is on the trailer until I get a tune. Not sure if its because of an exhaust leak or because its an sr20, but man it sounds pretty rough. Will play it safe with this one.
  2. Reece13

    SR20DET safe map

    Hi all, I have recently converted my s13 from a ca18det to an s15 sr20det and have had my link atom g4 off my old motor wired in to the new one. I have the base map for an sr20det vct uploaded to the ecu which was included with the software so I am wondering, is it safe to drive the car around before I get a tune? I need to organise to get my exhaust brackets modified before my tune and figured it would be easier to drive my car to a place since theres one around 10 minutes from my house. Engine mods are fairly stock besides an aftermarket turbo (running stock psi), exhaust, intercooler etc. I have calibrated the map sensor and will be going over to make sure all the outputs and what not are correct with how the ecu was wired in.
  3. Reece13

    Injectors not firing

    Just running a base map on the ecu at the moment. Not sure if that would automatically set them up. I am pretty new to the link program and haven't checked out too much of it. By triggers do you mean the pattern that the injectors are triggered to spray in? Pretty sure the cylinders fire in the order of 1,3,2 and then 4.
  4. Reece13

    Injectors not firing

    Hi, I have recently done an engine conversion from a ca18det to an s15 sr20det vct. Finished hooking up everything and had my link atom wired in but when I go to start my car the injectors aren't firing into the cylinders. The fuel pump is hardwired to the battery and there is fuel going in and out of the fuel rail how ever no injectors are firing. Does anyone have a pin layout for wiring a g4 atom into an s15 loom? I assume the problem is that the ecu is not sending a pulse to the injectors but I have no idea where to start with sorting out that problem. Also, is there a way to check on the pclink if a pulse is getting sent out to the injectors? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi everyone, I am just about to wire in my link atom and was wondering how I can change the settings on the stock s15 sr20det tune from afm to map sensor? I am used to using the adaptronic software with my old ecu but the Link stuff seems a bit more advanced so I am in need of a hand. Thank you in advance.
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