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  1. Thanks for the response - in that case it is less of a concern on sensor failure. Cheerz Mark H
  2. Thanks Ads So from what you're saying about selective active conditions - can it control a fuel target AFR during WOT acceleration? Cheerz
  3. Hi guys I'm toying with the idea of running a closed loop AFR fuelling system with the help of my existing wideband O2 system - an Innovate MTX-L. I've had the wideband installed and running now for over 2 years, just as an engine health monitor. The thing that is making me hesitate is the thought of what might happen if the O2 sensor failed or began to lose it's calibration. The sensor is mounted in the de-cat pipe on an Evo 9 (in a horizontal position in the side of the entrance end of the de-cat). Are there safety strategies that can be programmed to prevent a failed O2 sensor leading ultimately to a engine kaboom death event? Cheerz Mark H
  4. WooHoo I'm now running sequential/direct ignition on my own Evo IX. My friendly Evo specialist helped with the wiring this morning. Not mapped yet - and this is an attempt to cure a voltage issue my car has at high load - the voltage drops to as low as 12.8 V or even lower at high load and higher revs. Now firing only 1 spark per cycle per cyclinder instead of 2 should help ease that electrical load. Next step is to alter the dwell times to lower times for the Denso coils and check the map. Hopefully start to sort out the knock control in the same session. Thanks for all the help Ads9 Cheerz Mark H
  5. Great write-up on that posted link, thanks Adamw. I did do a search before posting, bug didn't find that gem of a thread. Cheerz Mark H
  6. Hi guys I would like to set up knock control on my Evo 9 with G4+ Evo9+ plug-in ECU. The initial configuration all looks easy enough - so my question is how to go about tuning the knock noise levels that retard the ignition timing? Is it a case of inducing some detonation to log what noise levels are created versus the normal engine noise? Or is the process a little simpler without having to actually record active detonation? Cheerz Mark H
  7. Hi Adturb Thanks for the update ;-) I'm really interested in your new coils installation... any chance of some pictures when you get the chance? I'm guessing these have a different connector than the Denso coils as well? Cheerz Mark H
  8. Thanks Simon, that's excellent. I know the help is huge, the exact reason I was after a pdf. In truth I was debating whether to be naughty and print the file at work!!! Cheerz Mark H
  9. The very same. :-D Hello Evonut270/jonnyt80 Maybe I should just try printing the help file???
  10. I really wanted to do some reading in the spare time I sometimes get but when I can't access my laptop - breaks at work being a prime example. So a printed pdf is what I'm really after. Cheerz
  11. Hello engine tuners First post on the forum... I'm looking for a download-able manual for my new ECU - a link G4+ plug-in now fitted to my Evo IX. I've had the car from new and is now 10.5 years old with 100,000 (hard) miles on the clock. Running smoother than ever with the Link ECU. Thanks in advance for answering the questions I'll inevitably post on here. Cheerz Mark H
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