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  1. Thanks Scott, I'll try that setup next when I work with running engine, now I had to do some other things with the motor so next time its drivable I try that. I'll inform if success Thanks Arska
  2. Hi Scott We have separate motor and transmission units so as I mentioned in my first post, primary ratio is 0,7105, front pulley 54T, rear/clutch case pulley 76T. When engine rotates 1 full round the cluth/input shaft goes 0,7105 round. Should this 0,7105 be multiplied by 30? How many rounds does Ecu take to calculate frequence from inputshaft, Asking this for info as there were huge number in begining of record from clutch slip? Thanks Arska
  3. Hello again Scott I attached two different log files from cranking the engine 1st gear on clutch fully open then close and end the record, results may be found from below. First record is InputShaftSpeedCal 30.000RPM/Hz and second 65.000RPM/Hz, there is diffence but still not way we needed those to be, well better maybe Thanks ARSKA 14072016_Mellila_testi_1_30_arvolla input cal.llg 14072016_Mellila_testi_1_65_arvolla input cal.llg
  4. Hello Thanks Scott, for your reply, unfortunately your answer is not helping 'cause I have tryed quite a few different parameter settings and haven't find the right one. In my post tried to give info for calculate right number. What parameters should be? Here is file attached I assum you mentioned. We use VTS software. Pls feel free to ask more but we have really tried many different setups and have not yet figured the right one Thanks ARSKA ViPec nayttokuva.docx
  5. Hi I'm installing sensor to calculate clutch slip, however haven't yet find out how to do it, so let me hear your succestions about the matter. We have install i88 ECU to our PSB bike which is 3000cc two cylinder dragracing bike, we have primary drive with 0,7105 (54T/76T) ratio and input shaft to gearbox have two teeth to count, which number should I put in the InputShaftSpeedCalibration box to have correct clutch slip in logging. DI2 is turned to freqvence so it should be doing job correctly, and ofcourse source is DI2. Info required soon. We have upcomming race weekend starting from friday, thanks ARSKA
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