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  1. Yep worked straight away thanks. All data shows correctly thanks for the very quick reply
  2. Ah yes. I read on the racepack pdf that but didn't know where to find it. I'll try
  3. I have had some trouble with my link fury talking to my Racepak IQ3 display dash Followed the directions wrt the CAN setup in Fury and the help file The dash is happy with the 230-VM it sees it and uploaded the channels works fine I'm using fury can module 1 which I assume is the lower CUSB on the case Now the issue I'm having is no data comes to the dash over the can And when I plug the dash can CUSB it knocks out the PC link and ecu goes offline unplug it and it reconnects doesn't matter if I cycle power. As long as the dash is connected no PC link. Engine still runs fine though One very odd thing I've noted is and I think is important The Vnet module has a 3 pin connector that adapts from the CUSB on the fury to the V net standard flat 3 pin molex plug. If I just plug in just the CUSB cable and leave the molex connector disconnected that is part of the 230vm it still knocks out the PC link so is it a bad cable maybe I would think a cable not plugged into anything wouldn't be able to affect the PC link or am I overlooking something. And I just did the new firmware update
  4. I'm doing a M104 Mercedes 6 cylinder with a fury. The merc has a reluctor home cam sensor of normal design.. but. The crank sensor wheel is divided into only 3 very wide windows with one having a very strong neodymium magnet on one of the windows leading edge and a reluctor sensor. Any benifit to this system or just ditch it and make something else
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