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  1. Cheers bud. So where does the ECCS relay pin go on the connector pins?
  2. Thanks Scott. I will be using the pin out that JMP sent as the R32 and R33 GTR has the same wiring. I've managed to mock up my own loom using the plug from the stock ecu. Hope nothing fails. thanks for help guys, much appreciated!
  3. Thanks buddy. Its from the i88 manual from vi-pec.com
  4. Thanks for the help guys, appreciated! Afaik the V88 and I88 doesnt have difference in the wiring right? But saying that, I've noticed on the i88 manual that the FP1-2 & FP relays are set for other pins. Which way shall i follow? Again, thanks for the help! Rodi
  5. Hi all, just recently joined the forum. I searched the forum but couldnt find a thread that answered my question. Here we go, I bought a Vipec i88 ecu off a friend and its wire in type. I would like to wire this is in to my R32 GTR but although i found the pinouts for both ecu's its kind of confusing. I dont have that much of a electronic background but dont mind giving it a go if its easy enough. Now, if there is any company in the UK, or even someone here that does patch harnesses for the R32, I would be interested. Like I said, if any of you guys already done one and is able to help me, I d
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