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  1. Can I do 'Inj1+' to cyl 1, 2. 'Inj2+' to cyl 3, 4. Ok just understand how to wire, thx
  2. If we run a Link G4+ force GDI on a GDI engine, how can we wire for the injector high side , is that ok if use" inj1+" for" cyl 1" "cyl 2", and use "inj2+" for "cyl 3 ", "cyl 4" ? Just want to make sure the way of this wiring is correct.
  3. Chan

    Power supply

    This confused me for a time haha, think I can put these two wires together and use one switch to control it.
  4. Chan

    Power supply

    I'm making a harness for G4 force GDI, but I found the wiring Information has two 14v pins, one is 14v bat, one is 14 ignition, what's the difference between them? And 14v ignition is a power output, can I just use it for some sensor that goes 14v?
  5. Any one know how to wire a LSU4.9 to G4+ Force GDI ? I have a wiring information, it shows the one of the pin (sensor green wire pin5) need to be wired to MES, but my LSU 4.9 do not have pin5, just pin 1,2,3,4,6 on the plug, that is strange.
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