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  1. Ok. Cheers for quick reply
  2. Im installing pressure sensors using expansion connector but having problems with 5 volt output. Possible short circuit? How many sensors can you run off one 5V output pin?
  3. thanks for the reply ive just installed new short block in V5-6 wrx. Engine timing is about half tooth out of sync. im assuming because cylinder heads been machine few times now. i was looking at ways trying to verify timing issue, maybe ecu trigger scope? i have no trigger errors
  4. i had same issue when first installing G4+ wrx v5-6 plugin i changed polarity in menu Auxiliary outputs- ign engine fan 1 and engine fan 3 also configure engine fan settings in menu auxiliary outputs engine fan
  5. how far out does trigger signal need to be before you start getting trigger errors.
  6. Cheers for verifying PIN number for purge. Will use expansion connector
  7. want to operate purge solenoid. couldn't find any information from help content or wrx v5/6 base map on wiring and configuration wrx v5/6 plug n play
  8. nwt1976

    Buying Link G4+

    thanks, i just couldn't find any info. on main web site.
  9. nwt1976

    Buying Link G4+

    When purchasing any Link G4+ ECU, does it come with tuning cable?
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