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  1. Damo

    IAT Setup 04 STi USDM

    Yes, you'll want to change your An Temp 2 to an IAT input from MAF. If your sensor type is there you can just select it and the software will apply the correct calibration table, with correct units, I.E degrees Celsius, not voltage or ohms of resistance. However, if not, you can change one of the tables to what calibration data you have for a specific input, this is where you want to address your input units too. Dont forget to store or save changes once all is done.
  2. Slightly different to the above situations, with my car, I'd like to try and use the standard one push start button being a later model BMW our great friend CANbus is everywhere, but there are some switching 12v sources when the master relay flips a basic rundown of what I'd like to do is: -Push start button -Master relay goes active; 12v throughout car -ECU detects 12v activity around the same time ECU powers up, DI as above most probably. (There is actually a 2 stage accessory and then ignition power key procedure like any other car, however, most of the time they happen almost simultaneously, unless the clutch is not depressed, etc.) -ECU triggers start relay -When 12v is taken away, ECU will turn off, engine dies normally In the event of a stall, the car would have to turn off the 12v DI source and re-energise it in order to power the starter motor again. Does this sound possible?
  3. Damo

    Link Thunder wont power up?

    I just tried the above, no luck again, no sign of ecu activity at all. This really has me stumped.
  4. Damo

    Link Thunder wont power up?

    So C2 as in Ign Switch - and then the C34 ground pin? At the same time as A5 and A34 you think? Thanks guys
  5. Damo

    Link Thunder wont power up?

    At the moment I'm trying bare bones wiring just to try and get any ecu activity. So I'm supplying 12v to A5 and ground to A25 and A34 (not sure if both are required but I thought better than not connected). Literally just by battery positive and negative to these wires and nothing at all. The fact that yours worked by just A5 and A34 kind of worries me. I highly doubt it, but I cant help but wonder if something is wrong with my ecu internally.
  6. Hey guys, Finished up the wiring on the Thunder today, came to that time to power it all up anddd nothing. No LED on the ECU or anything. I tried running just power and ground to the ECU via pins A5, A25 and A34, and still nothing? I assume this is the bare minimum to get it to power up, if anyone knows any differently, please let me know Any help would be great, thanks!
  7. Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone has a base map for a Holden L77 6.0L engine. My specific one has a mild cam (226/232 .600" lift, 114LSA), stock GM flex injectors, stock ignition system, stock heads DOD delete and is using a tr6060 manual transmission. It's yet to be finally wired to the Link Thunder ECU connectors, so I can change some wires around to make it work if need be. Thank you
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