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  1. Thank you all, I got it all resolved!!!! I replaced the relay on the ECU supply, and voltage spike issue just went away and I can rev freely in all rpm range with or without VVT.
  2. It seems that the over voltage only happen when VVT is engaged, see the attached logs. This is very strange, before someone ask, I have checked all 4 ECU ground to chassis are 0.4ohm. Zero VVT (voltage spike at 4K rpm+): VVT engaged: It seems that the battery voltage is tracing RH solenoid profile.
  3. The over voltage limit was triggered when the engine wasn't running, so it's unlikely is the cause of a problem alternator. It could be battery but I will double check again. I'm using Odyssey Extreme 40.
  4. I remember I had to set the ecu system voltage limit to 25v as it was exceeding the standard setting when I first got it. How is it possible for the ecu to see more than 20v when my actual vehicle system voltage is less than 14v (measured). Could it be something wrong with the ecu unit? This may also explain why the engine is misfiring at high rpm even without vvt pluged in.
  5. Most of the time is 5%DC to hold at 0 deg.... it seems a little strange to me.
  6. Thank you Scott for spending time on analysing the log. I have been to another round of dyno test today, we have increased the fuelling but it seems that no matter how much fuel is added in the VVT activation zone, it is just showing lean AFR >21. We have no idea where all the fuel went? It is running standard injectors and the ARF looks ok on idle and under load, but just not when VVT is engaged. Also, after 4.5k rpm without VVT. Just to double check the VVT operation, is it normal for VVT to output 25%DC to the solenoid hold the cam at 0deg some of the time?
  7. Hi Scott, I've double checked all the wiring, aux output, polarity... checked the all sensor's resistance which is in spec. The engine doesn't like it when the map is in the "VVT zone", it's like hitting a rpm cut or misfiring. I have attached the latest pci and log. Is there anything else I should look at? Log 11-09-16 12;08;08 pm.llg Efi tuned V8-2.pcl
  8. It is running with ITB and I did all the wiring myself, checked all the sensors polarity are correct. Attached is the base map with default 1uz vvti cam offset, I then changed it from 53.5deg to 56deg LH cam; 139deg to 144deg RH cam. I think there is also a bug in the script that the vvti cam angle will not show less than 0 deg. After the cam angle offset corrected, it is running consistently at DC5% at 0deg VVT, whereas before it was sometime at DC0% and DC20%; and there were a difference of up to DC10% left to right bank even the angle cam is showing 0deg. Efi tuned V8.pcl
  9. Hi all, I have a 1uzfe vvti having mapping issue where it stops making power after 3krpm. The engine did not like running with vvti plugged in (0deg) and feels like mis-firing on one bank. There is no consistency amongst the dyno run with 260ftlb and 80hp at 3krpm. However, with vvti control unplugged, it behaves better with some consistency of 260ftlb and 150hp at 3krpm and then tail off not making any power after. One thing I notice is the cam offset is different to the base setting on RH cam (139deg), but cam angle test is showing 205deg. Which one should I use?
  10. Tony4

    1UZ VVTI No spark

    Managed to get it running now...phew... It turns out, the coil on plug wiring terminal on 1uzfe vvti is different to the norm. "Toyota coils: http://www.kaizengarage.com/images/toyota_coilpacks/CIMG2167_pinslabelled.jpg " is incorrect on 1uz vvti. The IGT signal is next to 12v on PIN 2, not PIN 3. I now have to deal with all the water leaks from front and rear of the engine....oh well....
  11. Tony4

    1UZ VVTI No spark

    Yes, I can read the rpm when I crank and I can hear the IAC valve activating, so I know the ecu is performing engine start routine. Thanks JMP for the link, that's how I wired the coils. How do you check the coil on plug if it is working? I use the silverline in line tester, and also tried wedging the spark plug against the engine block to check the spark.
  12. Tony4

    1UZ VVTI No spark

    Hi, this is a new installation of G4 xtreme on 1UZ VVTi with standard coil on plugs. Frustratingly, I couldn't start the engine and there is no spark. When I perform the ignition test, there is a 5v square wave pulse to the ign sig output, but I couldn't hear the clicking noise nor the spark. I've wired the COP (Pin 1 - 12v, Pin 3 - Ign sig, Pin 4 - Ground) and checked there is 12V, and good ground (0.4ohm) to the chassis. One thing to point out, the ECU internal voltage is 1 volt less than the actual battery voltage. Is this normal?
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