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  1. Got it up and running today Changed the wires from the crank sensor, and then it worked
  2. Well this is how it's done. And then I have to find someone with a scope
  3. Now they are something really exciting has happened to the car. According to the ECU log to have my car had 65535 RPM, yes it is 65535 RPM. I have no idea what they might be wrong. The car begins to misfire at about 3500 RPM and that's when it happened. I run without CAS but with Trigger. 60 -2 trigger wheel mounted on the crankshaft. Anyone have an idea of what they might be wrong. I have attach the ECU log on when it happened. Log 12-12-00 12;16;54 am.llg
  4. Hi. Just got my car back from mapping. But it misfires when it hits 3500 rpm? Someone knows what the problem can be?
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